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Team Trip To Querubi Olive Grove, South Of France

Team Trip to Querubi Olive Grove, South of France

6 Ambassadors from team Bayley & Sage flew down to the South of France to meet owner of Querubi Olive Oil, Willem Voorvaart and spent a few days in Domaine de Querubi. The Domaine is nestled between the foothills of the French Eastern Pyrenees and the Mediterranean, within proximity to the outstandingly beautiful medieval village of Castelnou.
With its breath-taking landscape and far reaching views of the Canigou, Domaine de Querubi is situated in one of the driest and sunniest regions of France, with an average of 300 days of sunshine a year.
At Bayley & Sage we pride ourselves on having traceability on our products so being able to bring the Querubi ethos (one estate, one oil, no chemicals) to life is something special.
Some words from the ambassadors who joined in this experience and some beautiful photos they took whilst there.

I would like to thank everyone that made this trip possible.
Thank you to Cecile who came to teach us how to taste olive oil and how to define which is a good olive oil and all the benefits and qualities they have. It was very interesting and easy to understand.
Querubi really is a great olive oil and visiting the place where the trees grow was amazing. It’s such a beautiful calm place and Willem made us all feel very welcome along with his friends and lovely helpers (Anick). The whole trip was very insightful and hearing his story was truly inspiring.
Sincerely Léa

Something I didn’t expect from this trip was for it to be an experience that would turn out to not only be very educational but incredibly therapeutic! We enjoyed great Catalan food, learnt all about the process of tasting and assessing different characteristics of olive oil, whilst escaping the hustle and bustle of London to beautiful landscape, 8 loving dogs, and a small team of very passionate and kind people at Domaine de Querubi.

“Olives!? Oil!? So easy to say it… very common words, but the question is: Does everyone knows what it means?
How full of meaning those words are?
Well QUERUBI came to help, to explain to us and to let us experience what this is; a good extra virgin olive oil.
And all starts with love and passion. I have never seen anyone happier and more dedicated to his work than Willem. This man is giving his all to deliver a very high quality of olive oil. He never uses pesticides to protect the trees, he is just sprays them with chalk. A very ingenious idea that he heard about in South Africa. Another amazing thing is that everything is manual…all the olives are picked by hand!
The beautiful green colour is the first impression, followed by the smell – so fresh, very fruity and with notes of fresh grass. The balance of taste that you have in your mouth on the finish is just divine. A little bit of bitterness which confirms that the olives are green, and a little bit of pungency which is the confirmation of a proper time of harvest.
So, in conclusion, QUERUBI is the most beautiful extra virgin olive oil by simply the fact that behind the result is the man who has experience, resources, strength, knowledge, pleasure, love and passion to deliver to our table the best organic extra virgin olive oil…
Sincerely Anca

It was amazing to learn all the steps in production of a good olive oil, made not just from a good olives, but in the same way from something priceless: the passion!
Willem’s passion is obvious when he talks about his farm, olives, dogs and trees; he shared with us all the tricks he learnt over the years in order for him to realise his dream.

We learnt about the awe inspiring, unrelenting, uncompromising dedication and hard work it takes to make truly organic, sustainable and such high-quality olive oil and how to understand and recognise good quality olive oil by tasting.  I most enjoyed the unbeatable combination of terrific people, amazingly generous hosting, great food, breathtakingly beautiful countryside, and a pack of crazy, funny, sweet and friendly dogs.  Can’t thank you all enough who made this happen!

This Journey has been an unexpected surprise. As soon we ended a great lunch we were introduced to our trainer Cecile that started our training with a great introduction of how olive oil was born. We learnt how to taste olive oils and how to recognise the basics of an olive oil which are: fruit, bitter or pungent, pleasant – or not!
With this wonderful professional we could understand not just the history and how to make the olive oil but also, we could understand the process and how much passion is involved beyond this amazing product that is used worldwide.  This Journey has left me giving so many positive vibes and so much information about a product that I’ve been using since a young age but that now I’m looking with different point of view knowing what is beyond that little bottle.  Thanks to Bayley & Sage that gave me this chance to learn, live and feel incredible things that I will never forget.


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