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March is Tasting Month in Store!

We have a bumper month of tastings this March.

Please check out the tasting page here for what is happening where and when.

These are some of the delicious goodies you can taste:

Fine Cheese

Devon Oke: This artisan cheese has a smooth yet firm texture, and a creamy flavour that is more mellow and sweeter than Cheddar. Having ripened for six to seven months, the cheese mellows from mild and creamy to nutty and rich. It is a great all-round hard cheese with a bite – great for Ploughmans, cheese on toast or just eaten on its own.

Hafod: Hafod means ‘Summer pasture’ in English. A Welsh artisan organic ‘Cheddar’, hand-made by the Holden family from the creamy milk of their Ayrshire herd. The cheese develops a beautiful golden hue, with deep, buttery and nutty flavours.

Bath Soft: This square cheese is soft and yielding with a white bloomy rind, once cut into it reveals an ivory coloured interior. The flavour is mushroomy and creamy with a hint of lemons. The cheese dates back to the time of Lord Nelson

Maltby & Greek

Feta 6 Month: A handmade feta using pasteurised sheep and goat milk, drained through cloth and aged in beechwood barrels for 6 months. Rich, creamy and crumbly, with a sweet and tangy flavour. Not only do we love using it in salads, we also love using it in tarts and savoury filo pastries.

Graviera: A wonderful hand made sheep’s cheese, matured for 6 months in nearby caves. It has a rich, sweet buttery taste with a lingering walnut and salty aftertaste. It develops a more pronounced caramel flavour as it matures. We love eating it with Greek olives, sourdough bread and a glass of Santorino Assyrtiko-Athiri.


La Retorta:  La Retorta is made using thistle rennet, resulting in a full flavoured cheese with a soft, sometimes liquid interior. It has a smooth, dense and creamy texture and ochre and pungent rind with aromas of mustard and dry hay. Just slice off the top and dunk with a Picos.

Cremoso: Cañarejal Cremoso is a torta style cheese with a soft, silky centre and a fresh mushroom aroma. The flavour is mild, slightly sweet and richly creamy. Perfect for dinner party, keep it at room temperature for at least an hour prior to consumption. Cut the top off and scoop the interior out with some bread sticks or crudités

Garrotxa: A delicate, fresh soft cheese made with goat’s milk using the Granadina breed. After 45 days of ripening, the Garrotxa has a delicate, tarnish flavour with subtle notes of nuts, mushrooms and goat’s milk. It has a creamy, crumbly and flaky texture.


Red Pepper Tapenade: Sweet roasted red peppers from Italy made into a deliciously rich tapenade that is perfect for party dips, or try spreading over some rustic bread and topping with slices of Burrata or Mozzarella.

Mixed Grilled Peppers: Deliciously sweet, red and yellow peppers grown in Southern Italy, then grilled in small batches, and seasoned with herbs and spices. Use them to add a bit of sweetness to any dish. Try them in vegetable terrine’s and salads, or use them as a delicious pizza or focaccia topping.

Supergreen Pesto: A fantastic alternative to your usual pesto that’s packed with flavour and goodness. Broccoli, kale, broad beans, pumpkin and sunflower seeds—all blended together to create a deliciously healthy green pesto to jazz up your pasta or drizzle over sliced mozzarella and tomatoes.

Armit Wines

Corralillo Pinot Noir:  An organic Pinot Noir with a deep raspberry colour, nose of red cherry with hints if blueberry, barrel spice, violets and traces of earthy granite. The palate has plenty of red fruits, tart raspberry, wild strawberry, lavender and smokiness, soft tannins, medium acidity, juicy finish with lingering minerals.

Corralillo Sauvingnon Blanc: A delicious organic pale yellow wine with green hues. The nose offers herbal and citric aromas such as grapefruit alongside tropical fruits such as mango and papaya. In the mouth it offers a fresh and juicy acidity, great volume with an elegant and balanced long finish. Perfect enjoyed with seafood.


Aarewasser: The cheese takes it name from the pure spring water of the Aare river, which is used to wash the cheese in during the production. A smooth and creamy cheese with a fresh, buttery, mild flavour.

Après Soleil: Après Soleil is a cows milk cheese, aged for 11 months in one of the many natural caves of the Emmental range. The cave’s outer walls are broken, allowing light to filter inside. This variation of light and temperature generates aberrations which creates subtle crystals.

Hope to see you in store soon!

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