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This Month: May Market News


Fresh from the Market

Romanesque continues to improve. When compared to a traditional cauliflower, its texture as a vegetable is far more crunchy, and its flavor is not as assertive, being delicate and nutty. Rainbow radish and blueberries from our organic supplier continue their season.
We hope to see the first batch of apricots in early May. These delectable fruits are bought from the famous Rungis Market in Paris. Delicious just as they are, but also so great as a compote or in a fabulous apricot and almond crumble.
Merinda tomatoes will be at their best – crunchy and crisp and slightly tart. Best when shot with green. A favourite with many. Best enjoyed with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of salt. Pairs beautifully with soft and creamy mozzarella.
The variety of strawberries becoming available to us is increasing with Candonga being a firm favourite. Gariguette strawberries will be at their best. The shape of the fruits is elongated and often quite small, sugar-sweet in flavour and extremely fragrant. They are grown in the most flower-rich countryside of Provence and therefore soak in all the sun and honey flavours of the land. Cherries, as the season progresses, we hope to see the unusually high price fall a little so we can showcase the very best in both red and white cherries. Look out for some more tropical fruit to hit the shelves – we are trialling some lesser known beauties such as Mangosteen, Guava, Rambutan, Pink flesh Dragon Fruit… all very eye catching with bold, bright colours with a taste to match their exotic exteriors.

From our Cheese Counter

Ossau Iraty: The rind is slightly orange and brushed during the “affinage”. The paste is firm,
buttery and ivory in colour. The taste is fruity, very rich in flavours and complex. The Ossau Iraty name is inspired from the Iraty mountain and Ossau valley from the Basque country in Pyrenees mountains. Made by 2 farmers using the traditional farmhouse method: the shepherds collect the milk at high altitude and make the cheese in chalets called “cayolars”. They are then aged for a minimum of four months.

From our Deli Counter

Devodier Prosciutti has been operating for more than 50 years and it was one of the historical founders of the Parma Ham Consortium in 1963. Their cold cuts are seasoned in special red brick cellars built on natural water springs and nurtured by hand with only a very little amount of salt. The tradition of excellence that characterizes each slice is due to the combination of the exclusive climate, the historical passion of Parma for cold cuts, artisanal mastery refined through the years, sound roots in traditions and at the same time restless research of innovation. The recipients of many awards, we are very excited to welcome this supplier on board.

From our Wine Section

Ponte Pietra, Pinot Grigio Rosato, 2016
A lovely salmon-pink colour, this Rosato is fresh and crisp, with a delicious strawberry perfume which gives way to a vibrant cherry character on the palate. A savoury note adds depth, and lively acidity gives the wine a fresh, crisp finish. Ripe strawberry perfumes linger on the palate.

Mas La Chevalière, Rosé de La Chevalière IGP Pays d’OC, 2017
Produced mostly from the organic Roqua Blanca site on schistous soils ideal for this Syrah-Grenache blend. The high altitude here maintains the aromatics and freshness, supported by whole-bunch pressing to make a delicate style of rosé. This rosé is delicate yet bright in colour. Ripe redcurrant and strawberry aromas on the nose. Delicate fruitiness on the palate, combined with a lively acidity and a juicy, refreshing finish.

New Supplier

The Estate Dairy: A fabulous new milk supplier. Milk is presented in beautiful glass bottles, which we will recycle when you return them to store and offer you a 10p refund.

The Estate Dairy is a collective of young passionate individuals dedicated to producing and bottling the highest quality milk and cream. They source the richest milk from the Chew Valley, which is located right in the heart of the Bristol countryside. Their milk and cream is produced from our Guernsey cows which gives the milk a unique golden colour and a beautiful rich flavour.
The herd is farmed sustainably on over 500 acres of idyllic Somerset pastures. They believe in treating our dairy produce with the respect it deserves and close attention is paid to the cow’s nutrition their diet throughout the winter contributes heavily to the flavour of the dairy. Their unique farming system yields a high protein milk that deserves to be as unprocessed as possible and to best preserve out dairy’s goodness our milk and creams are unhomogenised.

New Range from Hedone:

We are increasing our range from Chiswick based bakery, Hedone. Already famous for their amazing sourdough we are now taking on pastries and more speciality breads. Loyal fans of this bakery won’t be disappointed – the food they produce in both their restaurant and bakery are simply stunning and we are very excited about this new offering.

The new range of breads and pastries will be stocked in the following stores at weekends only: Wimbledon Village, Parsons Green, Parkgate Road and Turnham Green.

We will have two sliced breads – a large brown sourdough and a raisin bread, which is an absolutely stunning accompaniment to cheese.

The same stores will also have the new weekend range of croissants, almond croissants, pain aux raisin, pain au chocolate and a Kouign Amann. These are some of the best we have tasted – elegant, crisp and buttery – we hope you try them soon and agree!

The Kouign Amann (pronounced “queen a-mahn”) hails from Brittany, France; think of it as a cross between a croissant and a palmier, with layer after layer of buttery, flaky pastry on the inside, yet caramelized with ever-so-slightly-burnt sugar on the outside. The name comes from the Breton language words for “butter” and “cake. It is utterly delicious!

We hope you have enjoyed reading our latest market news.  Any questions please contact us at, follow us at @bayleyandsage and sign up to our newsletter for all our news, events and competitions here.

We look forward to seeing you in store soon!  

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