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This Month: February Market News



Potatoes: The ‘Vitelotte’ is perhaps the most interesting of potatoes, as it stands out superbly with its vibrant purple hue. Similar to a fingerling potato, of medium size with an elongated, bumpy exterior, the Vitelotte has a dry, floury flesh with nuances of chestnut. This French potato lends itself excellently to mashing, baking and pureeing, and can also be chipped. Their dry texture also makes them ideal for potato pancakes and gnocchi. Retaining their striking appearance during cooking, they are bound to impress guests, and with an impressive amount of anthocyanin, a powerful antioxidant, they have their health benefits too. Vitelotte potatoes pair well with garlic, beetroot, watercress, parsley, cherry tomatoes, avocado, pancetta, blue cheese and balsamic vinegar.

Also new in store is the Yukon Gold potato – medium to large in size, the flesh is yellow to gold, firm, moist and waxy. When cooked, the Yukon Gold potatoes take on a creamy and tender consistency with a rich, buttery and earthy flavour. They are quite versatile but lend themselves best to mashing, roasting and baking. The ultimate baked potato! You can also fry a Yukon Gold, to make hash browns, or bake them to make gratins. Our variety is grown in Kent. The Yukon Gold potatoes pair well with cream, butter, garlic, bacon, cheese, eggs and herbs such as oregano, coriander, sage, basil and tarragon.

Our third potato is the Maris Piper – smaller in size, these Kentish potatoes have a fluffy and floury texture with mild and earthy flavours. Their peak season is late summer through to autumn, but they are available all-year round. The Maris Piper is best suited for chipping and roasting, as they develop a fantastically crisp exterior and remain fluffy on the inside, the potato of choice for your traditional Sunday roast! These potatoes pair best with simple seasonings, such as salt and pepper and traditional herbs such as parsley or chives.

Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb: The Winter Rhubarb season is in full swing, helped on by the cold nights that dip below 0 degrees. The main difference between Winter (forced) Rhubarb and out-door grown rhubarb is a slightly paler flesh and subtler taste, but the forced rhubarb is not as stringy or fibrous. A quick word of caution to not eat the leaves! These can be poisonous and should always be trimmed off the stem. Rhubarb really is a versatile ingredient, it can be prepared as a vegetable, but is more often featured in sweet recipes. Slice rhubarb as you would celery and cook down with sugar into a chutney or with strawberries into a jam, or toss sliced rhubarb with a fruit of your choice, sugar, flour and spices, then bake into a pie. Rhubarb is rich in multiple B-complex vitamins and vitamin K.


Cornish Gouda: The Cornish Gouda company produce award winning, artisan cheeses on their family dairy farm in Lanreath, Cornwall. Using traditional hand made methods on the farm with pasteurised milk from the families pedigree herd of Holstein Friesian Cows. After production, the cheeses are aged in the maturing shed built in 2014 due to large demand for Cornish Gouda growing so rapidly. The flavours found with the range of Cornish Gouda Cheeses are distinctive yet diverse. The younger cheese is smooth and deliciously creamy whilst the aged Gouda provide a rich flavour and delicate crutch due to calcium lactate crystals which form within the ageing cheese.
In 2016 the Mature Cornish Gouda won the award for ‘Best Hard Cheese’ in The Great British Cheese Awards 2016.

Semi-Mature Cornish Gouda is aged 5-6 months. It has a creamy smooth texture with a pleasant easy eating flavour

Mature Cornish Gouda is aged 10-12 months. It won ‘best hard cheese’ at the Great British Cheese Awards. It has a rich complex flavour while still holding a great moisture level, with a beautiful crunch from the crystals which form around 8 months so are still fairly small.


Heirloom Vineyards Pinot Noir: The colour is a vibrant translucent ruby red with bright see through tinges. A striking and intriguing colour.

The aroma is suggestive of ripening cherries, and like a perfume made from ripening summer pudding fruits; raspberries, boysenberries, red-currants and even a hint of mint and mossy forest floor but overall this wine redolent with ripening plums and black cherry smells and the merest hint of enticing cedar and spice. An extraordinary range of aromatics like waves crashing on a beach.

The palate is initially intense sweet fruit of cherries and ripe raspberries, plums and then some black cherries.This is balanced by a tangy acidity, like a summer pudding with some fresh cream and spice from the French Oak and an almost chalk-like tannin structure. A real nod to Burgundy.



Pure Maple is a British Canadian Business with the family  who moved to the UK a few years ago. Surprised and saddened by the lack of real maple syrup available in the UK, they set about creating a company to let us all share the joy of real maple syrup. It’s produced selected farms and packed in Canada.

“Our 100% Canadian Maple Syrup only has one ingredient in it, nothing added or taken away. Unlike many other syrup brands, Pure Maple is free of colourings, artificial flavours and isn’t diluted with cane sugar or corn syrup. This means that our customers experience delicious, real maple syrup every time”

Our Amber rich is , great to use in coffee, on porridge, on fruit or drizzle on root veg and of course on fluffy pancakes and waffles as a weekend treat!

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