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This Month: April Market News



April is an exciting time for fresh produce. Typically, we see the start of many summer fruits and vegetables from Europe which we know and love.
Our French apples and pears are coming to an end soon. Clementines and blood oranges are also coming to an end, as we focus our attention on more summery products.
Gariguette strawberries are now in stores and eating very well. Their beautiful bright red colour makes them jump out from our displays, you can’t miss them! The texture is soft, with a delicate, balanced flavour and pleasant aroma. Definitely one of our top picks for April, which we recommend highly, especially if you have not tried these before!
In other strawberry news, look out for our ‘Carbonera’ 500g trays of Spanish strawberry. These are one of the nicest examples of Spanish strawberry we have tried, and they come at good value too.
Mangoes are still delicious, the Kent variety is air freighted from Brazil and has the best texture, with a gorgeous sweet taste.
English asparagus has started, rather early this year, due to a mild winter and recent warm weather. These first crops of asparagus come from the New Forest. The official season doesn’t start until 21st April, but it looks as if they will remain available until then in limited volumes.
Cow heart tomatoes are making a return in April. These super popular tomatoes suffer in quality over the winter months but are now making a strong return to our shelves. Expect to see them soon in all stores! In general, tomatoes are great right now, with the first heritage varieties hitting shelves a few weeks ago – you’ll find vibrant Pineapple, Zebra and Crimee to add to your plate.
Radishes, globe artichokes and Spanish green leaves are all very nice at the moment.
Cherries have started in Spain but are eye-wateringly expensive – keep an eye out for them in stores later in April once the price comes down.
There are a few other things to keep an eye out for going into April. The first peas, broad beans and courgettes should make their way over from Italy, together with the first of the season Apricots. Other stone fruit such as peaches and nectarines won’t appear until early May. Charentais melon from Spain should appear within a few weeks.


This Yorkshire Pecorino Fresco (‘young Pecorino’) is only 30 days old, and like all classic Italian young cheeses is smooth, yogurty and sweet. The milk is from Yorkshire, from sheep that have fed on lush, verdant green grass. The cheese is made in the North Leeds suburb of Adel by Mario’s hands – pasteurised, curdled, cut, drained, shaped, turned, steamed, salted and ripened, all by him. It is Italian, but it’s also Yorkshire. And he’s quietly confident his cheese is better than his family’s back in Italy.
Yorkshire Pecorino Fresco can be paired with tomatoes, rosemary bread, olives, basil and anchovies, or use it for Pecorino gnocchi served with radicchio, and chestnuts. This little beauty is perfect for those with a fondness for Mediterranean cuisine.
Made from pasteurised sheep milk. Not suitable for vegetarians.

Laverstoke Farm Organic Mozzarella:Owned and run by ex-racing driver and Formula 1 World Champion Jody Scheckter, Laverstoke Park is spread over 2,500 acres of rolling Hampshire countryside near Overton. Following nature as closely as possible and combining 21st century science with the most environmentally friendly farming methods possible, Laverstoke leads the way in biodynamic and organic farming methods in the UK. At the heart of Laverstoke Park Farm is the herds of Asian water buffalo producing protein-rich and nutritious milk, perfect for their cheeses and ice cream. Their buffalo graze freely on organic pasture, full of 31 different herbs, kinds of grass and clovers, increasing milk quality. Compared to commercial dairy breeds their yield is lower, but with organic milk as rich and nutritious as this, they think it’s a better way to farm. The producers travelled to Italy to learn from the masters, and now they think they’ve beaten them at their own game! The milk from their herd of buffalo is exceptionally sweet and fragrant. Creamy white, smooth and delicate with a subtle tang, this is the one to beat.

Called by the producer “the first serious buffalo mozzarella to be made in the UK”, buffalo mozzarella cheese has nothing added to lengthen the shelf life – it is merely made with buffalo milk fresh from the dairy. The buffalo milk is pasteurised, and it is suitable for vegetarians.

Bocconcini are small individual balls of Buffalo Mozzarella cheese which are ideally used in salads, lightly cooked on the BBQ or just as a snack. These packets come as 5 x 25g mozzarella balls. Mozzarella is best eaten at room temperature. The cheese comes packed in salted water to keep it fresh and moist (no artificial preservatives!). The pot should be taken out of the fridge about 45 minutes before serving without removing the packaging. It is perfect served sliced with tomato, fresh basil leaves, olive oil, freshly ground pepper and a little rock salt.
Made from pasteurised sheep milk. Suitable for vegetarians.

London Fettle is Kypros Dairy’s version of a Feta. It is made with unpasteurised ewe’s milk, hand-made and batch fermented in small barrels for a few weeks to deliver a mouth coating savoury and piquant cheese, mildly lactic yet floral and lemony. The curd is bucketed, hand salted and turned for a few days until desired flavour and texture is acquired. The whey when young smells of vanilla ice-cream later to develop more pungent spicy notes as it ages. It takes only two weeks to develop as a young cheese and it can be aged up to six months. This cheese is perfect for salads, sprinkled on scalloped potatoes, cooked vegetables or wrap in filo pastry and bake in the oven.
Made from unpasteurised sheep milk. Suitable for vegetarians.

Anglum is made using 100% sheep milk. It is a fresh unripened semi-hard white cheese that takes two full days to be made. It is produced with raw milk to take advantage of the beautiful microflora instead of additional cultures. The raw curds are collected into small cheese baskets which drain naturally without intervention. The curd is then cooked in its own whey to pasteurise. It is hand-salted, folded for even seasoning and portioning. This results in a flaky layered texture with a subtle savoury, briny and buttery flavour. Anglum becomes like a savoury marshmallow when cooked and sweet, sour, salt, and bitter flavours when charred. This cheese is ideal for grilling, frying, deep frying etc…
Made from pasteurised sheep milk. Suitable for vegetarians.


Tinpot Hut, Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, 2018: Combining all the best characteristics of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, this is clean, super fresh and perfumed with aromas of passionfruit, melon and gooseberry.

Innocent Bystander, Yarra Valley Pinot Gris, 2017: This fresh, crisp and bone-dry Pinot Gris was partially fermented and matured in French oak to give a luscious mouthfeel. Brimming with freshly cut pears and notes of lemon thyme, the palate is both floral and savoury, finishing with a lemon sorbet tang.


So Choux Patisserie made in Parson’s Green by Sophie. So Choux means ‘So Cute’ in French. We will stock bag’s of 6 macaron, chocolate financiers, vanilla financiers, Chocolate eclairs and coffee eclairs.

Wychbold Fudge is a small, family business based in the growing Worcestershire village of Wychbold, near the spa town of Droitwich. All of their fudge is made by hand in the kitchen of the family home.

The Marshmallowist was the first producer of gourmet marshmallows in the UK. Using premium ingredients – only whole fresh fruits, organic herbs & spices and boutique alcohol – The Marshmallowist combine classic confectionery with unexpected flavours. Flavours being stocked are; Blueberry + Gin, Raspberry + Champagne, Toasted Coconut. We will be stocking them in Wimbledon first, then larger stores later in the month.

Stag Crackers: Stag Bakeries has been an integral part of Scotland’s beautiful Hebridean landscape since 1885. Today as the company grow’s we remain a family business where our skilled workforce continues to uphold our core values. Attention to detail, pride in our work and a cast-iron commitment to customer satisfaction, are still firmly at the heart of everything we do. We will be stocking the following: Water biscuits, Salt and Pepper Water Biscuits, Cocktail water Biscuits with Seaweed.

Droitwich Salt is sourced from one of the oldest and purest brine springs in the world. It was historically, and justly, celebrated for its great purity and today this PURE and NATURAL FLAVOUR still comes through. The salt is harvested by hand at Churchfields Saltworks where the gentle process of crystallising the natural brine to pure salt is done using renewable energy. Churchfields Saltworks is situated at Churchfields Farm within the Salwarpe Valley on the edge of Droitwich Spa in The Heart of England.

We will be stocking Pure Droitwich Salt and Charcoal Droitwich Salt, inspired by the ancient enchanted British forests, it contains natural brine salt, charcoal, black trumpet mushroom and garlic.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our latest market news.  Any questions please contact us at, follow us at @bayleyandsage and sign up to our newsletter for all our news, events and competitions here.

We look forward to seeing you in store soon!  

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