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This Month: November Market News

MARKET NEWS – November 2019


Currently we have plenty of Squash and as the weather becomes cooler the crops are getting better, we have Hokkaido, Onion Squash, Spaghetti, Harlequin, Acorn…

The best tomatoes around are the French Heritage in wooden boxes, and we also have Spanish Cherry on Vine, but the French Plum on Vine will be here shortly.

The mushroom season is in full swing – we have just started on Russian Girolles, which are of excellent quality. Scottish Pied de Mouton will be starting soon – they are full of flavour.

English Apples very good! We have Jonagold and Russet – both organic.
French varieties eating well are Royal Gala and we have just started with Golden Rosee which are super sweet. Hopefully will see Bramley Apples soon….

A couple new sprouts to try – Kale and Broccoli. A superfood! Supposedly 100g pack of Broccoli sprouts contains the same amount of nutrients as 5kg of standard broccoli!

Cranberries will be on the shelves in later in November, in time for the Christmas rush.

New in: Organic herb punnets: Bay Leaves, Chives, Oregano, Tarragon, Thyme, Sage, Rosemary and Mint.


We have two kinds of cheese from Italy, both are totally delicious…..

The name Oro Rosso comes from the products used to carry out the maturing of the cheese.
It is placed in barrels and covered with a ruby sweet wine native to the Veneto region and left for about 30 days. Once removed they are covered with blueberries, blackberries, currants (also called ‘red gold’ for its colour and rarity) and left standing for maturing. In this way the fruits in contact with the wet rind release all their fragrance and blend with the taste and smell of the sweet wine. The cheese has an intense flavour with a hint of the wine pleasantly sour and with colourful streaks of bright red tending to purple.

Arametto: Blue cheese dipped for 2 months in the famous Italian liqueur Amaretto Di Saronno and covered with fragrant apricots. The scent of roasted almonds and brandy couple with the creaminess of the cheese, making this creation a delicious and decadent after dinner addition to your cheeseboard.


OTO CBD Shots: Optimum cbd measure in one shot,functional ingredients ethically sourced from the Himalayas, no artificial sweeteners, gluten free, vegan friendly and made in the UK.

Amplify:Designed to help you feel your very best when out and about
50mg of CBD in every shot.  Amplify helps you to feel bright, alert and energized with soft, fruity sweet top notes blended with the mild spiced notes of cardamom and black pepper.

Functional benefits
Turmeric Improves memory
Grapefruit: Boosts the immune system
Ginger: Reduces inflammation
Cardamom: Reduces anxiety
Black Pepper: Improves brain health

Focus : Designed to enhance concentration and help users stay engaged. 50mg of CBD in every shot
Focus delivers a refreshing citrus boost with scents of lemongrass and yuzu, combined with notes of ginger and cinnamon and a cooling, light aftertaste of wild mint and liquorice.

Functional benefits
Lemongrass: Relieves anxiety
Yuzu: Improves brain health
Cinnamon: Increases cognitive function
Wild mint: Improves memory
Ginger: Reduces inflammation

La Tua Pasta: Four Cheese tortelloni.  A new flavour features each month from artisan producers making simply the best pasta outside of Italy!

Press Juices Ginger Shot: now the weather is getting colder to help keep healthy!

Catch fishcakes: fantastic, sustainable crab and fishcakes – seriously delicious and such an easy supper.  Serve with their tartare sauce.

Kokoh Chocolates: Made in Surrey by Joanna Marshall, they are award winning chocolates made with finest ingredients. They are some of the best we have tried. We are stocking 9 assorted chocolate boxes that make excellent gifts. Flavours include: Marc de Champagne milk chocolate, Madagascan 67% dark Truffle, Raspberry & Passionfruit, Praline, Mandarin & vanilla, Tonka bean truffle and Himalayan Pink Salt truffle caramel

Shout out from the buying team:

  • Spring Chicken Bone broth is perfect now there is a chill in the air, fantastic flavour from all the bones, chicken thighs and wings simmered for hours.
  • Muds Pies are delicious dinners ready prepared, love the steak and ale!
  • Bolney Pinot Noir is now in, perfect with everything from a lasagna to a good chunk of cheese.
  • Speaking of cheese, Cherry Tree Preserves are delicious, the hot garlic pickle a real surprise with a hint of India whilst the chilli jam goes with everything. Enjoy!

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