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New Year Market News

New Year News from Bayley & Sage

We are at the start of another year and are in the heart of winter. Something of a state of hibernation sets in in the wake of Christmas, New Year, and seasonal festivities. So, it’s the perfect time to shake up the menu and revitalise the appetite with just the right food to push away the blues – before we know it will be turning a corner and into Spring!

Our produce buyer has a luscious array of fresh and seasonal produce. It’s hard to walk past the array of citrus presenting striking colour in the stores: Blood Red, Seville Oranges (of course the finest for marmalade), Primo Fiore and Cedar Citron lemons from the Amalfi coast… and soon we will have superb tomatoes, cherry and vine, coming in from Portugal… firm, bursting with flavour and delicious.







If you’re looking for some hearty vegetables, we have earthy produce from close to home, from the fields and gardens of England: organic kale, cavalo nero, carrots, swedes, turnips, and celeriac. Why not make a delicious wintery soup, some good stock, some Neals Yard creme fraiche with freshly baked, crusty bread – perfect for toasting and dunking into soup, like our Campaillou!

We also have some wheels of Pecorino Romano in store – deep, and faintly salted, fabulous when shaved into soups, or pasta, or used in place of Parmesan in whatever feasts you are cooking up, It is slightly lighter and a welcome change coming into a new year, on the back of much feasting. Superb with a class of our own label Viognier that compliments the Pecorino perfectly.

Worth a mention is our gluten-free and organic pasta from Pasta D’Alba, where innovation and tradition merge, in a range of pasta, with wellness at the heart. The Red Lentil Fussili is fast become a favourite!

We have plenty of revitalising juice that will give you a healthy kick, and fire up the immune system… why not grab and organic booster from Press, a good place to start is the Tumeric Booster! Made with Tumeric, grapefruit, and carrot… set to invigorate you if you are on the hop and picking up a quick lunch, before you duck back out into the cold and back to your desk!

As for the team at Bayley & Sage, this January we will have our heads down, getting ready to open out latest shop (more on that very soon!), as well as searching out fresh products for Spring. But most of all spending valuable time with customers and producers, bringing fresh produce and people together.

Happy New Year!

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