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Autumn Market News

Things are BUSY!  They normally are after the quiet of summer break, the world comes back with some fury, change of season and so much fresh produce is harvested, and the weather is still lovely and (at least in the eyes of some of our buying team) perfect for great food, produce, wine etc! Nearly time to start making those hearty, nutritious, and comforting meals to fight away the coming cold.

We will have no shortage of beautiful produce, freshly harvested, and delicious. Mushrooms in an endless number of varieties and types are in abundance, perfect for risottos, pasta, steak, washed down with some deep red wine, soon it will be time for the first fire to keep the cold away! Cepes! Must be high on that list (and the fire). There are also abundant, deep coloured, mouth watering figs – sweet and delicious,  Jerusalem artichokes  and plenty of greens like leeks and kale, all stacked full of real vitality. Not to mention British pears and apples falling faster than they can be picked from the trees too!

In France, the wine vintage is already underway and is unusually early. So, it’s likely that we will also see new harvest oils earlier than usual this autumn, especially oil from the Mediterranean.

This September we will be introducing a new oil, from Greece, Kalios. Kalios comes from 8 generations of Oil producers, run by two brothers whose Uncle Aris still handles production of the oil. It is cold extracted from Koroneiki olives in the pretty village of Neochori in the Kalamata region. Creamy, floral and a little bit nutty as the olives have ripened further. Perfect for marinades, drizzling on vegetables, pasta, hummus – it really is the best all-rounder.

This is also an incredible time of the year for cheese. High on our list will be some sheep delights, whether it’s Berkswell, certainly one of our favourite English cheeses, or a piece of Manchego Curado… both will be delicious with rustic bread, and perhaps a little dash of splendid olive oil. We will also have a new baby cheese in store from Switzerland, made by the same Swiss family that make our Capriflicon and Creme Chèvre – both of which are long-standing favourites with our customers. Dolly is truly something else, it has a delicious texture and flavour – delicate, subtle and delivered with a delightful finish, this is arguably as a good a soft sheep cheese as you will ever try.

In the spirit of Autumn, we have a Brie Forestier, a delicious Brie filled with seasonal mushrooms with an earthy, deep flavour. You’ll find Tomme de Montagne and Beaufort, both Autumn favourites, and some new hard Alpine cheeses, aged, deep and crystalline with a hint of alpine flora.

You’ll definitely need to try our new Wagyu Burgers from Trenchmore Farm – drizzled with a little Kalios Oil, some fried mushrooms, maybe a glass of Bordeaux!

You will need just the right wine of course, and well we always take great delight in refreshing our range for the change into autumn, this year we also be introducing a select number of fine wines. There isn’t space to talk about all of these wonderful wines here, but one bottle has very much captured the attention of our buying team, from just outside of Florence on the hills of Fissile Testamatta Rosso, made by Italian wine cult figure Bibi Graetz, this is a high-class wine with pedigree. Bibi works exclusively with old vineyards, and native Tuscan varieties, notably the Tuscan king Sangiovese. Old vines, high altitude, stoney conditions, fermented in open-top oak barrels. Testamatta is 100% Sangiovese and captures the spirit of the terroir and the wines creator. The accolades that this wine had received are a testament to its calibre.

We will also have several select fine wines from Bordeaux. And of course, we will refresh the rest of our range with several surprises and beauties, a Frappato from Sicily, a white and red from Portugal, some delicious organic treats from New Zealand and so on! You’ll have to come in and peruse the shelves… or ask on our store managers or staff to walk you through.

Please pop in and have a look at all the new produce and seasonal treats – we will be there to welcome you!

Happy Autumn, when it comes!

The team at Bayley & Sage

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