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Summer Market News 2020

No doubt that it’s been a challenging start to the year, and the warm weather and sunshine, can’t come too soon. We will all make the most of our gardens, and just being closer to home, and coming up with new ways of being together whilst being apart. Fresh food and great ingredients are a big part of this, so we can recreate our favourites dishes at home, making sure we are eating well, looking after ourselves, and having the occasional treat….

So we have put together some notes and ideas on some of our favourite products for this time of the year:

Summer won’t be summer without Rose, you’ll find classic from the South of France in-store – but for a surprise, we will drop a couple of really distinct Rosé in! From one of our favourite appellation we have a Sancerre 100% Pinot Noir Rose from Domaine Sautereau, with a delicate red fruit flavour and an elegant finish.  Also, a Rose from Bolgheri the home of renown Super Tuscan, Poggio al Tesoro Bolgheri Rosat. A blend of Cabernet Franc and course Merlot, with fragrant spice, woodland berries, this is a Rosé with style and character, delicious under the beating sun.

We will have a full range of sparkling, white and light red wines, to compliment your culinary creations and summer occasions, so ask our staff, or send us an email with your feedback, we will forward to our buyer in the Loire, sourcing wines and cheeses from afar.

The stores will also be full of goats’ cheese, burrata, mozzarella, pecorino, and Ossau Iraty as well as cured meats, and antipasto, perfect for easy dining outside. We are also very excited to be stocking La Latteria Buratta, which is freshly made in London, drawing on the producers’ family history and Puglian heritage, coming into us super fresh. Just add big bowls of green salad and soft summer herbs with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil….

Seasonal produce is starting to look really amazing. Produce from throughout the UK and the Mediterranean, with stone fruits, melons, and berries all on the way and eating superbly. There are also delicious greens, asparagus, peas, radishes, tomatoes, fresh salads and artichokes. Everything that you need to recreate an idyllic summer feast.

Our produce buyer Ben is on the look out at the markets for White Rainier Cherries, Sicilian Melons, British Strawberries (best in the world), blood and white peaches. His summer-time favourites!

We will also have beautiful Focaccia from Sciascia Story, handcrafted, freshly baked, and delicious. The perfect accompaniment to our vegan and vegetarian dips from Lotos Dips, delicious and explosive in flavour, they come in terracotta tubs (eco- friendly and reusable), in lovely flavours: Black Bean, Roast Red Pepper Spice & Walnut, Sun-dried Tomato, Olive & Feta.

Of course, we will also have our delicious Hedone Multiseed Sourdough. Perfect for ploughman’s lunch, and a well overdue and much deserved day at the park and beach, and days in the sun!

We will also have Effervé Lemonade, from the Alsace region, made with natural spring water, with traditional artisanal recipes, Non-GMO and natural flavours. A superb and refreshing lemonade, clean and crisp – it also makes for the perfect shandy with a drop of Wimbledon Gold!

The list could go on and on! But you will find an expanded selection of meat and fish and ingredients, and as much as we can squeeze into our shops that you might require, to help you get through what promises to be a different summer. Drop us an email, talk to our staff, we are always happy to hear what you’re missing, what you need, and what we can do to make this challenging time better for all of us.

And a big thanks to all the growers, and producers, and staff in our shops, who have worked in very difficult times with good spirit, positivity, and energy, and helped sail a straight course through a multitude of challenges.

Hope to see you in store very soon!

The team at Bayley & Sage.

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