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Our Ideal Festive Cheeseboard

Our Ideal Festive Cheeseboard

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a lavish cheese board featuring at some point in the festivities. An indulgent end to Christmas lunch and happily devoured on Boxing Day. We have selected some of our favourite cheese to lay out on your Christmas table.

A classic and simple selection with a touch of decadence!

Cropwell Bishop Stilton: crafted carefully by hand, using methods that have changed little since the 17th Century. Aged for 12 weeks it offers a rich, tangy flavour and a velvety-soft, crumbly texture that makes it melt in the mouth.

Montgomery Cheddar: aged in cloth, then stripped after long maturing. It is golden and glorious: rich, nutty and sweet, with a full lingering flavour and a slightly crumbly texture and a real depth of flavour.

Wigmore: a washed curd cheese with a gentle, delicate flavour and a smooth texture. Wigmore is complex and fruity, rich and unctuous, with a great delicacy of taste and texture.

Monte Enebro: a soft-ripened goat cheese, handmade in Spain. Ripened in the same mould used to make Roquefort, with the blue mould developing only on the rind, it has a complex flavour – creamy, lemony and slightly acidic.

Truffle Brie: A decadent soft cheese loaded with black truffles. Creamy mushroom, truffle flavour set amongst the distinctive Brie tang is a match made in gourmet heaven all wrapped up in a lovely velvet white crust. A cheese for special occasions!

Accompaniments make all the difference and lift your board to the next level of scrumptiousness!

  • Slices of apple with Cheddar, celery crackers and pears with Stilton.
  • Try drizzling Wigmore with sweet Hedone Chestnut Honey on charcoal crackers accompanied by Marcona almonds for some salty crunchiness.
  • Classic fruity quince paste pairs beautifully with the Mont Enebro.

Make sure you have a board big enough to allow each cheese to be cut comfortably, offer a knife for each cheese, but most of all, enjoy!

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