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New Deli Selections

We have some rather special new items in the Deli this month! Two delicious Pecorino Cheeses from Northern Italy. These two beautifully floral artisan sheep’s cheeses are made just inland from Adriatic coast, in Gambolette, and have an efflorescent touch of spring, perfect for the change of season.

Pecorino Camomilla:
It is a delicately flavoured cheese; the wheel is carefully wrapped in chamomile flowers which preserve the flavours of the milk and make it a structured and elegant cheese propranolol pills. The paste has an aromatic taste of chamomile, with a hint of crisp green apple and honey and it is creamy thanks to the floral rind.
Pecorino Fiordaliso:
It is a brilliant floral cheese, studded with vibrant blue bottle cornflowers on the exteriors. The flowers give the cheese a gentle fragrance of country meadows with floral sweetness. The paste is ivory and silky, with a mellow herbaceous quality on the palate.

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