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Juggling January

Juggling January

With the excesses of Christmas behind us, the phrases of the moment are the popular ‘Dry January’ and the newer ‘Veganuary’.  Both great ideas and both offer the counter balance to the indulgence of the weeks just passed. But whilst a new year’s resolution for a ‘detox’ can sound good on paper, in reality, it’s not so easy!


There is no denying January is a pretty miserable month, its bleak and cold and probably the last thing you feel like doing is drinking water and eating salad.


But with a bit of inspiration from seasonal cookbooks and blogs (and Bayley & Sage!) there are endless ways of adding some new year sparkle to your plate, to add vibrant taste and even a touch of the exotic, so you don’t end up feeling like you are missing out at all.


We love smashed avo on sourdough as the next person, but there is so much more you can do. Try sprinkling spices over your salads, such as sumac for a lemony punch, or scatter over pomegranate seeds over tabbouleh or green stir-frys to give taste and punchy colour and crunch.  Roast market vegetables and enjoy with warm herby couscous and flat breads to mop up the delicious juices.  Add coconut milk to your soups for a luxurious texture and added nourishment.  Roast sweet potatoes wedges and drizzle with tahini and torn herbs. Griddle radicchio to make a warm winter salad. Gently dry fry some mixed seeds with spices for your snacks – the options are endless!


If dry January is not your thing, then maybe make it a little less….wet!  Think quality over quantity – savour your wine and choose a really lovely bottle to enjoy with your favourite cheese.


We offer bountiful selections of fresh, seasonal market produce (and cheese and wine!) in our stores which will hopefully inspire you this January, however you are choosing to tackle it…..Happy New Year!

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