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Crown & Queue Meats

The cured meats come from just down the road in Bermondsey, a little taste of Britain!


    Bermondsey based Crown & Queue meats use lovingly-raised British Heritage pork, and indigenous locally grown ingredients. The taste is spectacular, with loads of flavour and freshness. We stock three of their products in store now:

    Answell: A classic salami, it features black peppercorn, blackcurrant and London Smoked Porter.

    Lincoln Imp: Based on the traditional fresh sausage from Lincolnshire and the region’s famous plum bread. This is made using sage, with a hint of dried fruit and garlic, and finished with stout.
    Fun Fact: The name comes from the famous Gargoyle at Lincoln Cathedral.

    Snapdragon: Dried currant, nutmeg, black pepper and Somerset apple brandy, named after the Victorian after-dinner game of snatching raisins from a glass of flaming brandy.

    • Please note: both the Lincoln Imp and the Answell contain Barley as a result of being made with locally brewed beers propranolol pills online. The snapdragon is gluten-free.
    Check them out here:

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