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Choosing Comte For Christmas

Choosing Comte for Christmas

In preparation for Christmas, our Cheese Buyer has travelled to the Jura to select three different aged Comte from the Caves at Vieu D’izenav, situated on the Western face of the Jura. Selected from one of the smallest caves, where the Comte is aged. Six chambers containing six thousand Comte are carefully attended to by a master affixer, and his assistant. This is a world apart from many large-scale commercial caves, where it is not unusual for upwards of two hundred thousand Comte to be maturing at any one time.

The master affineur continues in his father’s footsteps and comes from a long line of cheese nurturing mountain folk! He knows the local farmers, the fairies, the fields, and the effects of time and the seasons. It is as if the cheese is aged by the land and mountains, which echoes the cheeses very nature and provenance. It really is a beautiful thing to behold!

At Vieu D’Izenav no machines are used to salt or turn the wheels, which, in this day and age, is something of an anomaly. The wheels are all turned, salted, cleaned, and cared for by hand. This means that great visual attention is utilised. Uniquely, the 30 months Comte we will take this Christmas were identified when we were there to select our 30-month last year. The master affineur noted the characteristics our buyer was looking for, and certain wheels were cared for with this in mind.

These are very elegant, subtle Comte, at three ages: 10-15 months, 24 months and 30 months plus. All have their own unique taste with a unifying finesse and balance.  Which one will you choose for your Christmas table?  Come in store and have a taste!

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