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British Cheese Festival Tasting Schedule

Proudly supporting British Cheesemakers, February 24th – March 22nd

Each week Bayley & Sage celebrates a different British cheese, launching the festival with our very own Bayley Blue Cheese

BAYLEY BLUE CHEESE featured in store from February 24th

Bayley Blue is made exclusively for Bayley & Sage at Hartington Creamery in the Derbyshire Dales. The cheese is made from local pasteurised cow’s milk by a small team of artisan cheesemakers led by Diana Alcock.
It is produced in small batches of milk matured in a carefully controlled environment of 12°C. The cheese is produced entirely by hand, the curds are lovingly ladled into moulds where they drain naturally until set. The 2kg wheels are matured for five weeks and the individual Bayley Blues for three weeks, which enables the blue marble to develop from the centre. The resulting cheese is sublime; a soft blue cheese, rich and intensely creamy, with a sweet yet savoury flavour.
Pairs well with: Bolney Estate Pinot Noir, Bayley & Sage Charcoal Crackers, Tempus Spiced Coppa, Conference Pears

PITCHFORK CHEDDAR featured in store from March 2nd
Pitchfork Cheddar is made at a dairy in North Somerset by the Trethowan brothers, five miles away from the town of Cheddar. This cheese is made using organic unpasteurised milk from their pedigree herd. Pitchfork Cheddar is traditionally handmade, it is cloth bound, larded and then matured for at least 11 months. Golden in colour with a mainly smooth, closed texture. It has clean bright flavours, which range from savoury and mustardy, to hints of honey with a long finish. Pitchfork Cheddar has won Best Traditional Cheddar at the 2019 British Cheese Awards.
Pairs well with: Bayley & Sage Multi-Seed Crackers, Wimbledon Brewery Gold English Lager, Cherry Tree Chilli Jam

BARON BIGOD featured in store from March 9th
Baron Bigod is made on the Fen Farm Dairy, in Norfolk. It is made from their own raw Montbeliarde cow’s milk. The curds are carefully hand-ladled into large moulds, which are then salted and aged for up to eight weeks. Baron Bigod is a creamy white bloomy-rind cheese, which has a smooth silky texture. The flavours, aromas and characteristics are influenced by Fen Farm cow’s milk and the variety of grasses that grow on the land of Stow Fen. The health and wellbeing of the Montebeliarde herd is Fen Farm’s top priority. It is a farm full of happy, healthy cows.
Pairs well with: Wiston Estate Cuvée, Cornish Sea Salt Thins, Braeburn Apples

SHEEP RUSTLER featured in store from March 16th
Sheep Rustler is made on Bagborough Farm in Pylle, Somerset. It is made from pasteurised ewe’s milk, from the flock of sheep located just down the lane from the farmhouse. This semi-hard cheese is aged for around three months. It has a medium, mellow and nutty flavour with hints of caramel. It has a colourful orange/brown rind. Sheep Rustler was granted the Supreme Champion of the British Cheese Awards in 2018.
Pairs well with: Bayley & Sage Buttermilk & Oat Crackers, Bride Valley Dorset Chardonnay, Cherry Tree Cheeseboard Chutney

We are also showcasing the following British cheeses throughout our festival:
Caerphilly, Sparkenhoe, Red Leicester, Truffle Bigod, Truffle Gloucester, Montgomery Young Buck, Quicke’s Goat’s Cheddar & Old Winchester

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