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Bayley & Sage Own Label continues to grow!

Bayley & Sage Chocolate Thins 

We have been searching far and wide for our exclusive Bayley & Sage Chocolate Thins. They have now, at long last, reached our stores. Our team had been tasting chocolates for months, trying to find the thins that best represent us, and we are so happy to have found them!
We workshopped some recipes, striving for perfection, and we ended up with four fantastic flavours! We have our blood orange thins, with a beautiful citrus burst from Spanish blood oranges. The English sea salted thins are the perfect blend of sweet and savoury. The dark mint thins are made with refreshingly zingy Black Mitchum mint, from Hampshire. Lastly, we have our rich dark thins, made of the best chocolate from West Africa, they have a distinct and most truthful chocolate flavour.
We wanted to focus on the chocolate in chocolate thins, and we strongly believe our thins have done that. Each is carefully handcrafted with undivided attention. All of the chocolate thins undergo high levels of quality assurance, doing all we can to ensure you receive only the best of the best.

Bayley & Sage Pasta & Sauces

The Bayley & Sage pasta came from a chance encounter with our resident handyman, Rafael. He steered us in the direction of his and his cousin’s pasta partnership, it was only natural for us to want to include more of the family, and a couple months later the Bayley & Sage pasta was born.
Authentic and artisanal fresh pasta hand folded and crafted by Italian hands trained by family chefs. Each is just waiting to be paired with one of our Bayley & Sage sauce pouches, now expanded to complement our new pastas. We wanted to offer something more unique, which is why you’ll find some of our pasta has a splash of colour and why you may not have heard of some of our new sauces. We aimed to provide our customers with a variety of easy everyday meal options, perhaps we have even given you the tools to create your new favourite go to dish!
Bayley & Sage is packed full of food lovers (customers and team members alike) so we ensure that only the best sits upon our shelves, and we feel we have done just that with our pasta and sauces.

Bayley & Sage Mixed Olives

​Meaty and delicious mixed olives marinated in warming chilli and fragrant garlic. Expertly selected olives imported from Italian olive farms. We tried a variety of olives, some tasted like biting into a juicy clementine, others tasted incredibly spicy! It’s always a process to find what can truly represent your view on the best, and when it comes to olives, this is ours. We wanted to provide you with some giftable spiced olives. The chilli and garlic marinade gives them an evident edge that can help warm you up in the cold. A great gift for the festive season.

Bayley & Sage Honey Roast Nuts

A guilty pleasure, once you start you won’t be able to stop until you see the bottom. Sweet and crunchy peanuts, almonds and cashews.  After trying more nuts than a squirrel, we have found our favourite recipe. The samples in the office were a smashing success, people came in for almost any reason just to snack on them, especially our managing director! After seeing this, we knew we had something special with these gold coated snacks. Sharing may prove difficult! A great gift for the festive season.

We are bringing more products to the Bayley & Sage label soon including Christmas Chutney and utterly more-ish Chocolate Grissini – keep your eyes peeled!

We are super proud of our new products and hope you will try and enjoy them soon. Please let us know what you think of them!

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