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Bayley Blue – our own label cheese

The first British blue cheese of 2020, made in Derbyshire exclusively for Bayley & Sage

We launched Bayley Blue in March 2020, just before lockdown – so here is a reminder of Bayley Blue – we are extremely proud of it and hope you enjoy eating it and making it a regular part of your cheese board.  It is very versatile – perfect on crackers or crostini and perfect for blue cheese recipes – in a salad with warm new potatoes, oozing from arancini or baked in a fig and (Bayley!) blue cheese tart.

Bayley Blue cheese is made exclusively for Bayley & Sage at a small creamery called Hartington Creamery on a farm in the Derbyshire dales. This creamery was originally established by the Duke of Devonshire in the 1870’s. In 1900, Thomas Nuttall, a prize-winning Stilton cheesemaker, took over the creamery and began producing Blue Stilton.

It is made from local, pasteurised cow’s milk by a small team of dedicated artisan cheesemakers led by Diana Alcock. It is produced in 90 litre batches of milk which will result in just five 2kg wheels.
The whole process of the cheese production is done by hand, no machinery is used. The curds are lovingly hand ladled into the moulds where they are allowed to drain naturally until set. They are then removed and allowed to mature unwrapped with the blue marbling developing from the inside first and then spreading to the outside of the cheese.
Depending on the size of the cheese, maturation takes 5 weeks for the 2kg wheels and 3 weeks for the baby Bayley Blues.

The resulting cheese is sublime; a soft blue cheese, rich and intensely creamy, with a sweet yet savoury flavour.

This creamy blue cheese pairs well with:
Bolney Estate Pinot Noir, Bayley & Sage Charcoal Crackers, Tempus Spiced Coppa & Conference Pears

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