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Best Of The Season

Best of the season

Autumn is just about our favourite time for food. The last days of sunshine, lingering warmth in the air, and cool nights reminding us that winter is around the corner as the days are growing ever shorter.

The cool weather teases the appetite, it is perfect for healthy curries with fresh turmeric and ginger, tagines with fresh pomegranate, gamey stews, slow roast – and baking of course: with the last fruits of summer, and fresh Autumn apples and pears, perfect for cakes, tarts, and delicious puddings, drizzled with cream, served with traditional compote, made in height of summer, cooked at low temperatures, the goodness and warmth preserved in glass.

This Autumn our wine buyer has dropped in a few new world pinots (notably Rua, from the celebrated Central Otago region) to sit alongside our Burgundy classics. You will find white wines that are perfect for Autumn, an elegant Soave Classico from one of Italy’s oldest winemaking families, a Riesling from Marlborough, and our delicious Bayley & Sage Viognier which is fast becoming a customer favourite. And for evening meals and heartier dishes there are some fuller reds – Valpolicella Superiore from Musella, Spice Route Swartland Mouvèdre, Chateau Beu-Site Bordeaux! We are also super excited to introduce two English wines, from Bolney estate, a nod to just how good these wines are, and to the growing voice for English wines amongst our customers.

We will start receiving beautiful wheels of cheese, especially hard cheeses, produced from the summer milk of the previous year, rich in floral and herbal qualities. It never fails to surprise and delight when opening a wheel of Comte or Gruyere to be struck by the deliciously fragrant aromas and superb paste.

We have introduced a few new cheeses, a Double Barrell Poacher, a Gruyere Alpage, a Cummin Gouda, made in Cornwall, and a new Truffle Gloucester which is due to arrive in October.

We have some delicious filled Camemberts filled with Chorizo, Truffles or Paprika to roast in the oven and serve with crusty bread and boiled potatoes.  Soon enough we will be receiving this year’s Vacherin, to devour with Hedone Classic Sourdough! You’ll also notice some new chutneys, just waiting to be served with the hunks of cheese or cold cuts.

As the leaves start to fall you can expect our shops to be bursting with vibrant autumnal produce: wild mushrooms, fresh beetroot, English apples, vivid green kale, figs, pears, pomegranates, sprouts, squash and pumpkins. There is also an abundance of this season’s grapes – beautiful Pink Glenora, White Chasselas de Moissac and Muscat all slowly coming into play. And the word is leafy Clementine is due to arrive early and should be with us soon, so soak up your citrus and revitalise.

And who forget it’s time for fresh game – pheasant, boar, and venison. A great selection for crafting healthy and tempting meals.

For a little touch of decadence, you can pick up L’Aquila Truffle Honey to drizzle over an appetising wedge of cheese! Served with our new Bayonne ham from Sud-Ouest France!

This Autumn we are waiting with great anticipation for the olive harvest, especially in Andalusia, where we have teamed up with award-winning Picualia Co-Operative, who will bottle our own Bayley & Sage olive oil.

Below you can find a few favourites from our buying team:

Bolney Estate Pinot Noir 2017– ‘amazing with that Venison Steak’

L’Aquila Truffle Honey – ‘parmesan, risotto rice, roasted pumpkin… voilà!’

Cherry Tree Cider Chutney– ‘a great compliment for hard English Cheeses, especially Double Barrel Poacher’

Rhug Estate Venison Steaks ‘superb with a delicious bottle of Bolney estate!’

Cepes and Girroles– ‘Fried with a steak, or in a risotto, or with pasta…’

Fresh Figs and Pomegranate ‘the best at this of the year, coming in fresh and tasty, from the Mediterranean, incredible on their own, or in salads, or with couscous.’ 

Musella Valpolicella Superiore 2016– ‘you want to pour enough in the glass to have some left with your pudding, silky, with hints of cherry, heavenly!’

None Andrea Fig Compote‘just add a cake from the oven, and some cream…’

Spicy Chickpea from the Grocer– ‘great with flatbreads, and some slowly roasted lamb or chicken, cooked with a dusting of spice, and cinnamon, pepper and ginger…’

Pane Volante Tartufo (Flying Bread)– ‘dipped into melted camembert!’

Lancaster Bomber Cheese– ‘Hedone bread, butter, and loads of it! And to wash it down, a Central Otago Pinot ‘Rua’!’

Hedone Brown Sourdough– ‘with a slice Bayonne ham, and some Cumin Gouda… or Tomme de Montagne’

Green Kale– ‘goes with everything, or on its own, good and healthy, jam-packed with loads of antioxidants!’

Framingham, Marlborough Classic Riesling2017 – ‘definitely my favourite white in the range now, perfect with a slice of Cirone cheese from the Emmental.’

Vacherin ‘dash of white wine, a sprig of thyme, some fresh garlic, put it in the oven, and serve it up with some boiled potatoes, and Bayonne ham, and saucisson, washed down with a glass of Bayley & Sage Viognier…’

Put another layer on, grab your basket, get the table ready, we will see you in-store soon. But most of all, have a great Autumn, and don’t forget to run through the leaves and send them tumbling!


The Buying Team at Bayley & Sage



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