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New Year, new beginnings. Bookmark Support Campaign

With the New Year comes new beginnings…

That is why Bayley & Sage is supporting Bookmark in their mission to make sure that every child can read. We want all children to be able to make the most of these new beginnings by being supported in their learning and development.

Sharon Pindar, the Chair and Charity Founder, began Bookmark because she saw first-hand the devastating impact of poor literacy as her mother could not read. It was this experience that inspired her to establish Bookmark. Since then, Bookmark has been working hard to give every child the support they need to be able read and to prevent the difficulties that arise because of poor literacy.

An inability to read can have a massive negative impact on children’s long-term prospects. Those with poor literacy are more likely to be unemployed or in lower skilled jobs and life expectancy is vastly reduced for those born into communities with the most serious literacy challenges. Bookmark wants to help children avoid these future struggles by helping them from the beginning and giving them the necessary skills to read.

Bayley & Sage is determined to help Bookmark realise this mission. That is why Bayley & Sage has committed to donating 1% of the entirety of January’s sales, which we will then match fund. This means that for every purchase you make with Bayley & Sage, you will be contributing to this important cause.

Bayley & Sage hopes that this contribution will help ensure that every child is given the necessary support that they need to help their learning, improve their confidence and inspire an enjoyment for reading.

If you’re interested in getting more involved, you can become a Bookmark volunteer. The six-week reading programme involves two 30-minute sessions, either online or face-to-face, each week with a child who needs extra support with their reading.

Please visit to learn more about this incredible cause, apply to become a volunteer or to make a donation.

We hugely appreciate all your support in furthering Bookmark’s important initiative!

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