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An insight from City Harvest working with Bayley & Sage

We are delighted to work closely with City Harvest – feeding the vulnerable and homeless across London.  They recently sent us this report, which outlines how they work and outlines many reasons why we are so happy to work with this amazing charity.

City Harvest is extremely proud to work with Bayley & Sage, a company doing an enormous amount to help local community initiatives through its donations. We view Bayley & Sage’s high impact efforts to prevent waste and feed hungry people local to its markets as exemplary in the food redistribution space.


City Harvest was launched in 2014 as London’s first food rescue organisation dedicated to the “last mile” in food rescue. Since then we have redistributed 724 tonnes of healthy surplus food – free of charge. We have become part of the fabric of London – providing rapid responses to the food rescue needs of businesses and delivering food for more than 20,000 meals each week to hundreds of charities.

Our core mission is to maximise reliability and efficiency for food source partners, and certainty of delivery for recipient charities. We work to ensure that the experience is a positive one for food source partners and their employees.

A recent survey of charities across the UK found that a need for transport to collect donations was highlighted by 41% of food charities as a problem. City Harvest reliably and safely delivers food to hundreds of charities around London that face this challenge. Many charities face storage and/or dietary constraints with regard to food collections from their local stores. In these cases, City Harvest facilitates the process by aggregating food donations from different sources and safely gets the right food to the right people at the right time.


London is a city of great contrasts. It is home to some of the greatest wealth in the world while at the same time 25% of its residents live in poverty. In some areas to which we deliver more than 40% of the children live in poverty. There is also great waste in this city—and City Harvest aims to connect all waste and want so that no person in this city lacks the nutrition they need to survive.

City Harvest London has been working with Bayley & Sage to safely deliver surplus food from several of its retail locations to community programmes. The staff at Bayley & Sage markets consistently show us how motivated they are to organise excess food for our pickups.

In the last year, City Harvest collected the type of wholesome, nutritious food from Bayley & Sage that our charity partners very much need and enhances the nutritional value of the meals they can afford to serve.

The real impact of Bayley & Sage donations is seen on a daily basis at the charities that ultimately receive and use your food donations. City Harvest delivers food to more than 150 charities each week.

Some of the charities that receive Bayley & Sage donations through City Harvest include:

Ace of Clubs – Support for Homeless and Vulnerable People: Ace of Clubs is a family-like community providing transformative support services for those who are homeless, vulnerable and otherwise marginalised in South London. Last year they provided 20,000 meals with food delivered by City Harvest. Their centre provides for the immediate needs of those in desperate circumstances with safe shelter, food, warmth, clothing, laundry and showers. Ace of Clubs is a place where those who are alone can find acceptance, a sense of belonging and renewed purpose to see their lives restored. At the moment, they are helping between 80 and 100 people per day. Government cuts to public services has resulted in more and more people depending on Ace of Clubs to see their lives turned around.

Abbey Centre: Serving Warm Meals to Those Facing Hunger: Hidden amongst the posh buildings and politicians in Westminster, the Abbey Centre offers a free evening meal service for anyone that is homeless or in sheltered accommodation. It’s run by an inspiring group of volunteers and the service relies heavily on donations from City Harvest London to feed approximately 60 people each evening. An incredible range of people seeks meals at Abbey Centre ranging from young professionals who’ve had a run of bad luck to those who have lived for many years on the streets. The team at the Abbey Centre recognises that life can be change quickly for many people, and the warmth of community and a nutritious meal can make all the difference.

Glass Door Offering Emergency Winter Night Shelters: As London’s largest emergency winter night shelter, Glass Door partners with churches to provide shelter and support to people experiencing homelessness. Glass Door provides a safe, warm place to sleep for at least 100 men and women every night in winter — from November to early April. Using food donated from City Harvest London, guests of their emergency shelters also receive a hot supper and breakfast in the morning, cooked and served by volunteers. These free services are a life-line to those who would otherwise be sleeping on the street. Their dedicated caseworkers offer year-round advice, advocacy and practical support to help find solutions and get people back on their feet. Glass Door not only saves lives by providing refuge from the cold, but also helps guests build more stable futures.

Aston Mansfield: Giving Children a Safe and Supportive Destination: Aston Mansfield has been working in the heart of east London for over 130 years improving the lives of children young people and families. They provide a wide range of community programmes and activities in the London Borough of Newham, directly delivering services to around 1000 people and 900 organisations each year. From a daily breakfast and afterschool club the children’s project is a real home away from home, a meeting place for local families to come play and learn in a safe and nurturing environment. City Harvest supports Aston Mansfield with food for these programmes which bring together people from diverse backgrounds to tackle poverty and deprivation and to enrich people’s lives.

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