This Month: Summer Market News 2017

Market News – Summer 2017


Watermelon Gazpacho: This refreshing blend is made up of raw vegetables all blended to a mouth-watering pulp. Made up of aromatic garlic, cool cucumber, sun ripened tomatoes, tangy red onion, juicy watermelons and ruby red beetroot. Finished with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Chicken Box Salad: Chicken breasts are slivered and oven roasted then coated in a tarragon and olive oil. Laid on a bed of raw spinach accompanied by tender stem broccoli and beetroot hummus.

Smoked Mackerel Box Salad: On a bed of roughly chopped lettuce is our famous Forman & Son smoked Mackerel. Flaring the colours of summer the salad is garnished with spring onions, heritage tomatoes and curly parsley with a side of a light horseradish & crème fraiche dressing.

Flaked Salmon, Capers & Spinach Quiche: Made up of the classic ingredients of milk, eggs, double cream and cheddar cheese with a tantalizing combination of flaked salmon, spinach and capers. Available in our two sizes this seasonal treat is bound to keep you wanting more.

Teriyaki Chicken Wings: Succulent chicken wings are bathed in a sticky teriyaki sauce with a hint of chilli, sprinkled with sesame seeds and coriander.  Barbeque made easy!                    

Heritage Tomato, Anchovy & Feta Pizza: When baked the base is thin and crispy topped with juicy heritage tomatoes, umami inspired anchovies and crumbled feta (Epiros Feta, which we sell in store). Not only is this pizza appealing to the eye but satisfactory to the foodies’ appetite.




Ciabatta: Sourced from Sally Clarkes bakery this light and thin crusted loaf is filled with your choice of either herb marinated olives or sundried tomatoes allowing for a flavoursome centre. Perfectly paired with our promotional Burrata.



Burrata: Literally translated Burrata means ‘Buttered’ this artisan cheese holds the title of fresh cheese at its best. With a soft stringy curd and fresh cream enclosed in a delicate mozzarella casing. Mild on the palate with hints of hazelnut, simply heavenly and truly the smarter starter.


Prosciutto Crudo: Prosciutto is the result of being passionate about food. This delicate process takes up to twenty four months and produces a pink ham glistening with natural oils. Based in the Parma food valley Rosa Dell Angelo prides on protecting handcrafts and supporting agricultural biodiversity.


Albury Organic Vineyard Cuveé: This elegant beauty is proudly English and sourced from the rolling hills of surrey. The estate is privately owned by Nick Wenman whom has adopted a biodynamic vision, with the belief that it results in better quality fruit and ultimately better quality wine. Albury is made up of three organic grape varietals namely: Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir, which are traditionally used to make champagne. The aroma is filled with subtle fruity notes which are carried through on the palate. Hints of citrus from the Chardonnay and red berries from the Pinot Noir are experienced, with a refreshing lively acidity from the sparkles.


Watermelons: This smooth dark green skinned Spanish fruit has a bright red pulp that is juicy and refreshingly sweet. Nicknamed ‘sugar babies’ these balls of fun are versatile when it comes to pairings. Delicious on their own or paired in savoury dishes. Why not try a watermelon and Epiros feta salad?

Chanterais Melon: We all know the secret behind the pistachio exterior with green ribbing is a succulent yet firm, incredibly sweet flesh. Boasting fragrant aromas and colours, we are sure taken to a tropical paradise. Why not try Chanterais melon with a cured ham, this pairs perfectly with our Rose D’Anjou.

Galia Melon: Known for its yellow, orange hue the inside of this melon has a fresh pale green succulent texture. The signature of this melon is certainly its unique spicy sweet flavour. Tasty on its own or part of a mixed fruit salad.

Asparagus: There are only a few short weeks left of this glorious season, so get it while stocks last. In the spirit of high quality, we will continue with our supply from St Johns Farm based in Norfolk, who follow the Assured Produce Certification Scheme for Asparagus growth. With such versatility, this little bit of heaven can take you from breakfast through to dinner recipes… We suggest adding a little bit of greenery to the featured risotto.

Peas: A contender for the nations favourite is at its peak, peas. With their zesty colour, natural sweetness and elevated levels of protein how could you go wrong? Why not try spicing up your canape board with mini feta, pea and chilli flake toasts.

We look forward to seeing you in store soon!

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