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This Month: Christmas Food & Wine

Christmas Products of the Month


Free Range Bronze Turkeys
The exceptional quality of these turkeys is the product of years of experience and an uncompromising passion for producing the very best birds in a traditional, respectful way. The slow-growing breeds chosen, the way they are reared and cared for, slaughtered and prepared all make a difference to the finished product.
Dry-plucking and game hanging are essential to the Golden Turkey’s unique flavour, and the only way to achieve their traditional rich taste and succulence. All Blackwell Farms turkeys are dry-plucked, finished by hand and no water is used.
These slow growing breeds are grown to full maturity (rather than to optimum weight), fed a low-energy diet and allowed a much longer ‘ranging period’. This produces a natural fat layer which enhances the flavour, and when it comes to cooking there is no need for further preparation or ingredients.

Organic Dee Valley Bronze Turkey
The Rhug Organic Dee Valley Bronze Turkey is acclaimed as one of the best tasting turkeys in the UK, having recently been awarded a 1* Great Taste Award 2018.
Rhug Estate Organic Turkeys enjoys seven months free ranging on Rhug Estate, exploring the clover rich pasture, feeding on the finest organic oats and enjoying a stress-free life.
Allowed to grow as nature intended, the self-basting, rich and tender meat tastes so good that even Michelin-starred restaurants including The Connaught, London, feature the Organic Turkey on their festive menu.
“Christmas lunch in one of the most important meals of the year; at the restaurant and at home I always want a Rhug Organic Turkey” – chef and Bayley & Sage customer Marcus Wareing

Free Range Geese
Spending most of their life out on grass, the geese at Blackwell Farms are fed locally grown corn at night and during the last few weeks of their life.
The geese are 26 to 30 weeks old by the time of their slaughter, meaning they will have the full goodness of the grass and will be fully mature. This produces an enhanced flavour compared to the larger producers, who will be slaughtering geese at just 18 weeks old.
Much of the same time and process goes into the geese production, as it does to the turkey production. The end result is a superb quality, full flavoured meat, which has been treated to the highest ethical standards and not in any way rushed, like many a commercial producer would.
You can rest assured that you will not be let down by the quality of your bird from Blackwell Farms.

Wiltshire Ham has a lovely mild flavour and a moist texture. Unrefined brown sugar adds a subtle sweetness to this delicious ham which lends itself very well to dressing or glazing. York Ham is a little firmer textured and saltier than the Wiltshire and should therefore be served sliced thinly as possible. Both hams are boneless making them a doddle to carve.

Smoked Salmon Fillet: This farmed Scottish salmon is delicately smoked and sublimely sweet, making an excellent addition to the table for a delicious, fresh appetizer. To enjoy, dice and serve on blinis with crème fraiche, a touch of dill and a drop of fresh lemon juice, or slice vertically and enjoy neat. Varieties available: Plain, Dill & Lemon, Beetroot

Red King Crab: The red king crab is a species native to the Bering Sea, the absolute most delicious of crabs, it is particularly difficult to catch due to the immense depth they can live. The sweet flesh is moist, succulent and rich in flavour making it far more popular than other varieties of crab available. Hence, the flesh is best enjoyed as it is, so not to mask the impressive flavour. Dressing with lemon is not recommended, as it can easily mask the natural taste of the crab.

Tuna Rillettes: 50% slipjack tuna, 12% smoked white tuna and wholegrain mustard give Dom Petroff tuna rillettes a full, aromatic flavour. Enjoy its soft, smooth texture on bread or toasts for a simple yet delicious appetiser.

Sardine Rillettes: 50% sardine, espelette pepper, orange and capers give Dom Petroff sardines rillettes a unique, intriguing flavour. Enjoy its soft, smooth texture on bread or toasts for a simple yet delicious appetiser.

Wild Smoked Salmon: Netted in Scottish rivers, the wild salmon arrives at the Formans smokehouse within 24 hours of the catch. The salmon is renowned for its flavour. It is fully prepared and sliced by hand, before a delicate smoking using the London Cure process – no added sugar, just the rock salt and a little smoke. This is the rare treat that smoked salmon always used to be! Sizes available: 100g, 200g

Gin & Tonic Smoked Salmon: This is top quality, Grade One salmon, harvested in Scottish lochs. A specially blended paste of juniper berries and hand grated lemon zest is liberally applied to the smoked salmon allowing the gin botanicals with a twist of lemon to shine through. As with all Formans products, this salmon is fully prepared and sliced by hand.

Royal Fillet: The absolute finest part of the salmon, the fillet; left whole, boneless, succulent and full of flavour. The fillet is lightly smoked with only rock salt and a little smoke. To serve, cut into sashimi like slices, or sear briskly on the outside to retain the melt-in-your-mouth inner texture.

Salmon Coulibac 4ptn: Hand-made with love in the kitchens at H. Formans & Son, using Grade One Scottish farmed Salmon fillets. The salmon is stuffed with wild rice and egg, wrapped in home-made puff pastry. This dish is perfect for dinner parties, delicious served either hot or cold.

Salmon & Langoustine Terrine: A sumptuous terrine of smoked and fresh salmon with a rich seam of succulent langoustine. This terrine is best and simply served in slices with a few foraged herbs. Serving up to six people as a starter, this hand-made dish is an excellent start for a dinner party.

London Cure Smoked Salmon: Secret Smokehouse’s ‘London Cure Smoked Salmon’ is sourced from the most-renowned Scottish sustainable farms. The production is entirely by hand, based on a traditional artisan approach, and the team of just two have been awarded an impressive Protected Geographical Indicator [PGI] certification! But it is the vertical slicing of the 1.2kg whole fillet which wows us. It is stunning because it enhances the natural taste and texture of the fish. With a fine blade Secret Smokehouse vertically slice your whole side to ensure you get the best flavours in each bite, from the oak smoke surface layer, all the way down to the freshest clean silky salmon flavour near the skin.

VAR Salmon is truly a magnificent fish; it clearly reflects the environment in which it is grown. This Faroe salmon is carefully nurtured by 3 brothers who have devoted their lives since the early 1980s to the welfare of their fish. They believe that having complete control of the process, from the salmon egg to the final harvest of the fish, gives them the chance to produce an unrivalled product.
Their philosophy is to replicate the conditions found in the wild. From the moment the fish hatch they are made to swim against a current. As the fish mature and grow so do the conditions they are subjected to. As smolts they are introduced to the full force of the Atlantic Ocean where they experience 6–8 metre storm waves. Couple these conditions with the long dark winters and long summer days, these fish experience the same conditions as their wild cousins who also winter only 15 miles away.

Ossetra Caviar: Also known as ‘Russian Caviar’, Ossetra is obtained from Ossetra sturgeon and can vary in colour from deep brown to gold. The sturgeon is matured to around 12 years before harvesting the caviar, hence large eggs and a very rich flavour, making it one of the most highly sought-after varieties available. Best enjoyed served on blinis with crème fraiche, or ‘neat’. Available as 30g or 125g.

Baeri Caviar: obtained from the Acipenser Baeri sturgeon and is distinguishable by its unique, silky, smoked flavour. A French Caviar from France, this moderately salty caviar has a subtler complexity than the Ossetra variety as the sturgeon are younger, around 7 years old at time of harvest. Best enjoyed served on blinis with crème fraiche, or ‘neat’. Available as 30g or 125g.

Beluga Caviar: This Imperial Beluga Caviar is from the Black Sea, without a doubt the absolute best caviar available. The eggs are harvested from sturgeon at least 23 years old, which is when they reach their finest quality, meaning the eggs are the largest available out of the three varieties at Bayley & Sage. A dark grey colour in appearance, Beluga has a creamy, slightly nutty flavour with a beautiful saltiness. Best enjoyed on its own, just as it is – ‘neat’. Larger sizes available on special request.

Keta Caviar: Keta Caviar, which is trout roe (the Japanese call it ikura), is a delicacy in its own right. It’s perfect for canapes, but is also great at flavouring sauces, it is perfect for a creamy pasta sauce.

From rich and crumbly mince pies and luxurious Christmas puddings both bursting with fruit and Christmas flavour to fresh buttery Stollen with a delicious marzipan filling – our festive cake selection won’t disappoint! Have you ever tried a mince pie with a slice of cheddar? Delicious! Our Panettone are as popular as ever, choose from classic, lemon or chocolate.

We can make you the best Christmas Cheeseboard going. But if you want to know our top 5, you can’t go wrong with the following selection:

Brie de Meaux: The texture is creamy and meltingly-soft with a pungent aroma. Its flavours are rich and buttery, with notes of mushrooms and truffles. You may be surprised by the strength and depth of this Brie, as it is made from raw milk. This is the real Brie, known as the ‘King of Cheeses.

Cropwell Bishop Stilton: Crafted carefully by hand, using methods that have changed little since the 17th Century. It is made using vegetarian rennet, and around 78 litres of fresh, local milk. Aged for 12 weeks it offers a rich, tangy flavour and a velvety-soft, crumbly texture that makes it melt in the mouth.

Comte 36 month: A perfectly matured three year-old Comté has a smooth, yellow paste, with a buttery texture contrasting with the crunchy milk ‘crystals’. Its flavours are complex and long-lasting, with the sweetness of dried fruits and nuts perfectly balanced by savoury notes.

Montgomery’s Cheddar: The cheese is aged in cloth, then stripped after long maturing. It is golden and glorious: rich, nutty and sweet, with a full lingering flavour and the slightly crumbly texture that is characteristic of a properly developed, cloth-bound cheese. Matured for around 14 months, Montgomery’s Cheddar is complex, with a real depth of flavour.

Moliterno Al Tartufo: A moderately sharp, beautifully aged cheese with intense truffle flavour. Made of sheep and goat’s milk in Sardinia, this cheese is aged and then black truffles are added before more aging. The result is irresistible flavour and texture.

Made lovingly in our kitchens to help make your Christmas taste more fabulous. All made for 6 people
Creamy Cauliflower Cheese with Keens Cheddar
Brussel Sprouts with Walnut & Pancetta
Oven Roasted Winter Vegetables with Honey & Thyme
Braised Red Cabbage with Red Wine & Raisins
Potato Dauphinoise
Venison & Redcurrant Pie
Classic Fish Pie

A carefully chosen selection to match your Christmas table. Why not try beautiful award winning bubbles from Wiston Estate on the South Downs? Our festive wines include a deep, velvety intense red and buttery whites with exotic fruit aromas. The perfect wines to celebrate with:

Chateau Tuilerie Du Puy: A deep intense red robe. A charming bouquet, with aromas of blueberries and blackcurrants. A round, concentrated ripe wine with good structure. A wine with great versatility from welcoming guests to the main dish and even to pair with your cheese board.

Saint Veran Clos De Chateau: Very expressive aromas of peach and apricot, mixed with hints of vanilla. A well balanced rich ample buttery wine with well integrated oak, and good minerality.
This buttery wine works well with chalky cheese, epoisses, nuts and of course, turkey!

Chateau Panet Grand Cru: A rich full bodied concentrated wine with ripe fruit. Well integrated oak overtones, good balance and structure from a top vintage. Full bodied wine, ideal with red meats and mature cheeses such as our Moliterno al Tartufo.

Corte Giara Pinot Grigio: Elegant floral notes are complemented by richer hints of Golden Delicious apples. This wine with its dry, racy palate and good depth and definition is a sure-fire winner. Suited for canapes and fish dishes such as the Salmon Coulibiac.

Wiston Estate Cuvee: What better way to start and end the evening! The warming honey notes and bubbles are the perfect welcome drink and accompaniment to desserts.
A bit about the supplier…
Wiston Estate is a British Sparkling wine producer based in the heart of the South Downs in West Sussex. Farmed by the Goring family since 1743, with the winery founded in 2008. Dermot Sugiue hand crafts every single sparkling wine on the estate. Regarded winery of the year in 2018.

“Rich and creamy style, with lovely savoury notes from development. Composed and elegant with complex notes of brioche fruit and a long finish, delightful!” IWSC 2017 Tasting Panel

You can order all your Christmas food & wine online here and have it delivered for free to your door!

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