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This Month: February Market News 2018

Products of the Month


From Our Deli Counter:

Aged Gouda: This cheese is made by cheesemakers Hugo and Marije Van Der Poel. Their farm, Hoeve Waterrijk, is located on an island on the edge of the Kagerplassen in South Holland. Aged Artisan Gouda can only be made from summer milk. For this reason, it is only produced between April and September. The cheeses are still made using wooden cheese moulds. This prevents the young cheeses from cooling down too much, which facilitates the preservation process. The milk is provided by 145 cows, from which only 14 cheeses per day are made. These weigh more than 22 kilos per piece when they begin on a maturation period of one, two or three years. The coat of arms on the cheese is the original crest of the city of Gouda; it stands as guarantee for genuine, aged artisan Gouda and has been recognised by Slow Food (Slow Food is an organization that promotes local food and traditional cooking) as the first Presidium Cheese in the Netherlands. Authentic Boeren Goudse Oplegkaas (Aged Artisan Gouda) has no comparison in taste, with a sweet mild flavour that blooms in the mouth, a well-structured aftertaste with a light acidity and the warm caramel taste that characterizes most Gouda. We will be stocking two ages:

One Year: Gouda Fermier Veaux.  Flavour Profile: rich creamy texture with subtle hints of sweetness on the palate, a classic gouda!

Two Year: Gouda Fermier Presidium Flavour Profile: A nutty cheese with strong lines of caramel notes, despite its age this compact cheese simply melts on the palate with a slight crunch from crystals complimenting the cheese.

From Our Wine Section:

Casa Silva Cool Coast Pinot Noir: After revolutionizing the perception of Chile’s most awarded wine growing region cool climate potential, Casa Silva launches its second 100% Paredones grown wine and first red from this cool climate sub valley at Coastal Colchagua. This Pinot Noir is the new addition to the Cool Coast Line, widely recognized for its World Acclaimed Sauvignon Blanc.

100% aged in 2 years old French oak barrels for 12 months
Dominated by red fruits on the nose, such as strawberries, cherries and pomegranate, with subtle notes of cinnamon which add aromatic complexity. Juicy and refreshing on the palate, this wine has a sweet raspberries and wild forest fruits flavors.
Fine match for a meaty fish dishes such as grilled tuna steak or lobster and will equally go well with Fassona beef or duck and char-grilled roast vegetables.

From our Bakery Section:

Sally Clarke Sourdough Bloomer The long-fermented sourdough combines unbleached, stone-ground flour with Sally Clarke’s own sourdough starter to create a rustic loaf with a distinctive sour flavour. Makes a fantastic pairing for our Cheese of the Month, Gouda.

Off The Butchers Block:

Fassona Fresh Meat: Piemonte, northwest Italy, is famous for some of the finest Italian food & wines. There is, how-ever, an undiscovered culinary gem, which is yet to find fame outside of Italy – Fassona Beef.
Fassona is a breed of cattle used for centuries to provide deliciously rich milk used in the local cheeses and, until the introduction of tractors, these hardy animals did most of the manual work too. Recently, it is the meat of these pasture-grazing cows which has become particularly sought after.

Fassona cattle have naturally developed a condition that allows their muscles to grow to almost double their usual size, providing larger and juicier steaks. Rather than just growing fat, the ‘double muscles’ create meat which is leaner and softer for a more tender texture.
Fassona producers only breed female cows for their delicious steaks as the testosterone in males can make the steaks tough and strong. The meat is then aged for up to six weeks, a crucial step in the development of flavour and texture.

At Enoteca, Fassona is provided by a family run butchery which first opened in Alba, in 1965.
We will be stocking:
Fassona Prime Cut TagliataThis cut is obtained from the hind-quarter, where the meat is most tender. Best enjoyed by grilling or pan-fry- ing, by cooking on a high-temperature on both sides until medium-rare, then allowed to rest before eating.

Fassona Beef Burgers: Gourmet hamburger made from carefully selected cuts. Best enjoyed grilled, griddled or pan fried.

Fresh From The Market:

Purple Sprouting Broccoli: This untidy looking, colourful cousin of broccoli can be used in much the same way. Leafier and deeper in col- our than the regular variety, it adds vibrancy and crunch to vegetable dishes. Purple sprouting broccoli is at its best between February and April, so make sure to try before it’s gone! You want to choose the broccoli with dark green-purple leaves and florets. Discard any plants with yellowy florets or wilted leaves.

Trim any woody stem ends or tough leaves with a knife. Best to divide into small, individual florets, each with a short stem, and diagonally slice the thicker stems, to ensure an even cooking. The broccoli boils or steams in 3-6 minutes, depending on the size of floret. In stir-fries, cook it for a couple of minutes, until tender, or if boiling, serve warm with melted butter and lemon juice.

Cauliflower: Like cabbage and broccoli, cauliflower is a mass of tiny, tightly packed flower heads, which grow from a thick central stem to form a single, round head, cupped by green leaves. It has a firm, almost waxy texture, and a mild, delicate flavour. Despite being available all year round, Cauliflowers are at their best from mid-December through to mid-April.

The florets are great used raw in a salad or as part of a crudité selection served with dips. Cooked cauliflower florets keep their shape best when steamed, but it can also be boiled. For both cooking methods, test regularly with the tip of a knife to make sure they don’t overcook.
You can also use cauliflower to make a fantastic rice substitute.

Camone Tomatoes: Grown in Sardinia, our Camone tomatoes are shipped to us specially from Milan and are known there as the best tomato for salads. The fruits are juicy inside with a crunchy skin, an intense tomato flavour and a great, complex balance of acidic and sweet notes.
Known as a ‘winter tomato’, this variety is harvested from February through to April. The stressed plants can’t survive the hot summers, however, throughout the mild Sardinian winters, they simply grow more slowly, producing these completely unique results which are picking up recognition in the UK.

From Our Kitchen:

Focaccia, Fennel Salami, Taleggio Cheese and Ham Sandwich: Italian Focaccia bread, creamy Taleggio cheese, smooth, fragrant and very aromatic Fennel salami and ham make this pretty sandwich deliciously different from most our kitchen sandwiches. This is a good hearty meal with an excellent combination of flavours.

Risotto: Dazzlingly pink and packed with rich, creamy flavors this Risotto is made with beetroot and Chevre log from our deli counter. This delicate process starts with olive oil, diced onions and garlic being seared, then Arborio rice is toasted and White wine is stirred. Slowly reduced with a vegetable stock. When the rice is almost cooked the diced beets and Chevre log chunks are stirred in. Lastly Grana Padano is grated and stirred into the dish adding a salty element.

Sesame Spiced Lamb Cutlets: Spiced Lam Cutlets sprinkled with sesame seeds is served with a tasty and healthy cauliflower couscous, covered in roasted mixed Mediterranean vegetables (pepper, courgettes, onion, aubergine), whisked together with tomato and basil sauce.

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