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This Month: July Market News 2018

Products of the Month


Lincolnshire Poacher: A hard, mature cheese that is somewhere between a cheddar and a Swiss mountain cheese. Handmade by the Jones brothers from the farm’s own pedigree Holstein herd in the heart of the rolling Lincolnshire Wolds. This award winning Supreme Champion cheese is a slow-maturing cheese that takes between 12-24 months to develop a golden, straw-coloured yellow pate and spotted brown and grey colour rind. It has a smooth texture and a strong taste. In summer, notes of pineapple, toasted nuts and grassy dominate the flavour profile while in winter the taste becomes savoury and almost meaty. Lincolnshire Poacher is not quite as thuggishly bold as a cheddar, choosing instead to let its lingering saltiness remind you of how good it is. As with other, similar, cheeses, some interior moulding can develop. This bit of blue is perfectly okay and edible, so worry not and enjoy!

Lincolnshire Poacher pairs well with full bodied red or white wine such as our Product of the Month Lagar de Cervera Albariño and a good lager or English pale beer. Delicious with buttered slice of bread with plum jam.

Origin: Lincolnshire, UK.  Made from raw cow’s milk. Not suitable for vegetarians.


Balsamic semi-dried tomatoes in oil: These premium Turkish tomatoes are fully ripened on the vine and slow roasted to bring out their inherent sweetness, with a hint of oregano and garlic. Preserved in sunflower oil with a balsamic marinade. Soft and fleshy semi dried tomatoes are the perfect addition to salads, scrambled eggs, quiches and tarts also to enrich sauces or for canapés. The tomatoes are cut into equal size pieces. First seasoned with salt and herbs and then “slow roasted” at a low temperature for a number of hours (8 -12) The oven performs the same job as the sun but the tomatoes are never allowed to completely dry out. As a result, they have a softer texture than sundried and the added sugar means they are also sweeter.

Pitted Pistou olives: A savoury, in-house mixture of pitted green Beldi olives from Morocco and purple Cuquillos olives from Spain flavoured with garlic and basil (the traditional ingredients in Provencal pistou). Mild, crunchy olives marinated in aromatic basil and lingering notes of garlic.  Savour these olives with toasted ciabatta and mozzarella.


Lagar de Cervera Albariño 2017: Situated in Galicia in north-west Spain, Lagar de Cervera has established an enviable reputation for superb Albariño, with almost cult status in the area.

Tasting notes: Yellow with green hues; clean and bright. It stands out for its great aromatic intensity. Marked notes of apricots and white fruit such as ripe apples, pears and quince, against a background of pineapples. Powerful and buttery in the mouth, with a pleasant sensation of freshness. A persistent aftertaste; complex and well balanced.  Perfect with any appetiser. It is the ideal companion to seafood as well as salads, rice dishes, chicken and fresh cheese.  An excellent summer wine for the picnics.

Origin: Galicia, Spain.


Gluten free pumpkin, sunflower & linseed loaf:  Sciascia Storey is a west London based bakery. This lovely loaf is ideal for those who have minor gluten sensitivity or those who prefer to avoid gluten for nutritional reasons. The flavour is hearty and not overly sweet, which make an ideal partner for each meal of the day. Use this nutritious bread to make sandwiches, or toast and have as a side to a summer soup, or simply serve with butter and jam.


Black Seedless Watermelon: These beautiful melons are shipped in to us direct from Rungis market in Paris, where there is an abundance of fruit from June through to August. Most are imported from Valencia. The rind can sometimes be very dark, hence the name ‘Black’ watermelon. Cut the melon open and you will find a smooth, deep red flesh, inside the relatively thin rind. As the name suggests, the watermelon is completely free of black seeds. The flesh is sweeter and meatier, holding more liquid and giving the overall melon a very heavy feel. The best way to enjoy a water melon is simply on its own, but it also tastes deliciously refreshing in a salad with feta cheese, mint and cucumber with a drizzle of olive oil and seasoning!

Greengage:  The greengage plum is rather deceptive in its looks, suggesting sour flavours with its unripe shades of matt green, when in fact it is uniquely sweet and regarded by some as the ultimate plum in terms of flavour! The inner flesh is dense and juicy, bursting with syrup like juices and a flavour that offers notes of honey, apricot and mango. It is this sweetness which makes the Greengage fantastic for fresh eating . They can also be used as a main ingredient in desserts, such as pies or with ice cream, and make delicious jam.  Our greengage season, a French variety called Reine Claude Verte, usually lasts from late July through until October.


Courgette, red pepper and feta quiche: Deliciously puff pastry filled with colourful vegetables – red peppers, courgette and crumbled, salted feta cheese, enriched with cream, free range eggs and cheddar cheese. A great vegetarian alternative, perfect for lunch on a sunny day and would also be great for a picnic. Serve hot or cold, with salad.


La Tua Pasta Tortelloni Tomato & Mozzarella 250g:  La Tua Pasta pride themselves on being an authentic “Pastificio”, making Fresh Pasta following the most traditional Italian recipes. They specialise in fresh pasta because that’s what they are passionate about and what they do best.  All the pasta is hand-made and all fillings are made from scratch in their kitchen. Each and every Tortelloni are literally hand folded one by one. This is all produced overnight, to ensure the product always reaches the customer in the morning at the peak of its freshness.  Every year the quality of La Tua Pasta has been recognised and awarded by The Guild of Fine Food, also receiving awards from Pizza and Pasta Industry Awards and the Caterer.  This months’ special, Tortelloni Tomato & Mozzarella, is perfect for a lighter meal and will pair excellently with our Wine Product of the Month – Albarino, Galicia 2017.

 Rhug Estate Minute Steak:  Rhug Estate, covering 12,500 acres of land in north Wales, is an organic farm producing award-winning Aberdeen Angus beef, Welsh lamb, salt marsh lamb and chicken, amongst other seasonal meats.  Lord Newborough, the owner of Rhug Estate, firmly believes in sustainable farming and employing the highest standard of animal welfare. His natural process makes the meat more healthy, tender and arguably most important – delicious! This month, we are highlighting the ‘Minute Steak’, a thin cut of topside, which makes a fantastic quick dinner. We recommend barbecuing to your liking with a simple seasoning of salt, pepper and olive oil, then adding Zest & Zing’s Chimichurri Steak rub with a drop more of olive oil to give a tasty, uplifting marinade worthy of a top Argentine restaurant!  

Tregida Fish Kebabs:  Tregida is a family business. It is run by Coralie and Jon Short, a husband and wife team, who decided to set up a smokery in Trelash on the North Cornwall coast back in 2000. They built their own smoker by hand and started producing traditionally smoked products including Salmon and Mackerel.  Winning award after award, the smokehouse had to grow rapidly to cope with the high demand. Coralie and Jon have recently installed a wind turbine at the Smokehouse which now provides nearly all the power needed to run the giant smokers and all the other electrical equipment.  Tregida have now expanded into the fresh fish market, and Jon goes down to the markets in Looe and Plymouth every morning to buy fresh line caught fish, before their team prepare the fish to customer specification.  This month, we are highlighting their fish kebabs which are a fantastic addition to any barbeque this Summer. In addition to the mixed kebabs, we will also be stocking Salmon Kebabs and Prawn Kebabs, these are perfect with a marinade of olive oil and Zest & Zing Aleppo Pepper, a great alternative to paprika which will give a delicious touch of spice to your food.

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