This Month: Christmas Market News 2017


All the trimmings for your Christmas lunch – creamy cauliflower cheese, brussel sprouts, braised red cabbage, dauphinoise potatoes, parsnip & celeriac gratin, pigs in blankets, cranberry sauce, gravy, stuffing – all you could possibly need!  All in store now and available to order!


Blackwell Farm Free Range Bronze Turkeys

Points of difference between our turkeys and supermarket:

  • Dry plucked by hand Natural cereal based diet
  • Bronze are free range with plenty of space to roam
  • Hung for minimum of 10 days
  • Slow growing old fashion strains
  • Family farm.

Golden Promise turkeys are raised in the old fashioned ways by caring farmers, all members of the Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association.

These turkeys are developed from the slow-growing breeds of days gone by and they are given only natural foods – which means that, come Christmas dinner time, you’ll be enjoying the finest flavoured turkey you could imagine.

Rhug Estate Organic Turkey

With plenty of the finest organic oats and pellets to go around, Dee Valley Bronze Turkeys feast on the finest food which contributes to their Great Taste Award winning flavour. They have a free ranging life outdoors with minimal interference from the outside world, which allows them to grow on natures schedule.

This stress free life is longer than the industry standard, meaning these Free Range Turkeys get a slow growth. Consequently, the meat is more flavoursome, moist and has a superior texture to that of your average Christmas Turkey.

The quality of the Rhug Estate Organic Turkey doesn’t only produce a moist, flavoursome meat with a great taste, it also requires a substantially lower cooking time.  This is due to the lack of unnecessary chemicals and the slow growth of the bird. Because all of our Turkeys reach maturity, they lay down a natural fat which conducts heat as the bird cooks.

Blackwell Farm Free Range Geese

In the past, geese were fattened on corn stubble or the gleanings of barley left over by the reapers. Nowadays geese, which do not lend themselves to intensive rearing, spend most of their life out on grass being fed locally grown corn at night and during the last few weeks of their life. Thus a very high density meat is produced which calls for smaller plate portions than other types of poultry.

As a general rule approximately 1 LB per person should be allowed when purchasing a fresh oven ready bird. Although geese are comparatively expensive, they are economical as there is little or no waste. There will be the added bonus of a certain quantity of fat drained off during the cooking process and this keeps well in refrigerator or freezer. It is invaluable for cooking roast potatoes with a delicious flavour or it can be used to make an exceptionally light pastry.

Other birds available include: Blackwell Farm Three Bird Roast (Goose/Chicken/Pheasant), Free Range Duck and Wild Pheasant.


French Trimmed Beef, Boned and Rolled Sirloin of Beef and Bayley & Sage Beef Wellington are all available to order.


We have an array of Smoked Salmon to offer you this Christmas – Royal Fillet, Truffled Royal Fillet and Gin & Tonic cured to name a few!  Of particular note is the Dom Petroff Smoked Salmon.  This 2nd generation family business, originally set up in Paris in 1979, is offering the most sublime smoked salmon, caught off the shores of Scotland, Norway and the Faroe Islands – you have to taste it to believe it.  The most delicate texture which simply melts in your mouth.  Available in lightly smoked, infused with beetroot and also marinated in dill & lemon, this is some of the finest smoked salmon available to you over the festive period!  Beautiful on its own, on top of a blini with some sour cream, in a salad scattered with pomegranate, sliced through fresh pasta with a double cream and vodka sauce – and the beetroot infused salmon pairs finely with goats cheese in a winter salad.


All half boneless: Wiltshire Ham, York Ham, Highland Malt Whisky & Marmalade Glazed Ham and Honey & Mustard Glazed Ham are all available to order.


The stores are bursting with Christmas Puddings, Mince Pies, Stollen, Panettone and Pandora all have been lovingly sourced and baked for you to devour!


A vast selection of festive cheese to choose from for your perfect cheese board this Christmas.  We can make a fabulous Christmas Cheese board for you on one of our bespoke Scottish Elm cheeseboards made in the Lake District.  Adorn with Peters Yard crackers, Marcona Almonds, fresh figs, dates and quince for the quintessential Christmas cheeseboard to finish your feast in style!


Chateau la Tuilerie de Puy Bordeaux Superior CB: The Chateau la Tuilerie de Puy, where this wine is produced, has been family owned since 1616. This wine is a dominant Merlot blend from Bordeaux. It has ripe flavours of redcurrants, blackcurrants, cherries and violets. It is mild and sweet on the mouth with juicy tannins. Goes very well with Beef Wellington, roast duck and steak served in a rich sauce.

Chianti Classico Castello di Selvole: This Chianti Classico Riserva, from the Tuscany region in Italy, is a rich textured vibrant wine. Red berries, warm cigar wrapper, flowers and licorice burst from the glass. Structured and balanced, this wine fills the mouth with fine-grained tannins and bright acidity in its long, harmonious finish. Made with the estates finest Sangiovese grapes, it is aged in the barrel for eighteen months and in bottle for six months before release. Excellent paired with pizza, lasagne or roast lamb with rosemary and garlic.


Clementines from Spain, are extremely juicy and sweet right now. They will continue to get sweeter as we get closer to Christmas. Conference pears from Suffolk, have a long, conical shape, with a yellow skin with russet markings. Its’ flesh is grainy, sweet and juicy and it cooks and eats well. Pomegranates, from Spain, are extremely good for you and are loaded with antioxidants. Mix pomegranate seeds with Greek yoghurt for a healthy breakfast – or add to salads. Jerusalem artichokes from France, can be boiled and mashed to make a great alternative to potato mash. Cavalo Nero or ‘Italian kale’ is a dark green cabbage packed with nutrients and flavour. Cavolo Nero is incredibly versatile and can be boiled, stir-fried, steamed or massaged in dressing and eaten raw.

We would like to wish all our customers a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year.

We look forward to seeing you in store soon!

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