This Month: June Market News 2017

Market News – June 2017


Green Gazpacho: Truly bringing the words ‘natural’ and ‘fresh’ to life, this gazpacho has a slight twist, it’s green! Made up of only fresh, raw ingredients. Garlic, onion, green peppers, heritage tomatoes and cucumber are all blended down to a summery soup. Drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and salt to taste.

Chicken Baguette: Artisan French baguettes are filled with tender chicken breast pieces, topped with roasted red peppers, wild roquette and a moreish harissa and crème fraiche dressing.

Hot Smoked Salmon Salad: Hot smoked salmon portions are freshly flaked and laid on a bed of crispy salad, plump cherry tomatoes, fresh cucumber and sweet red onions. This light salad is also paired with a protein filled hardboiled egg and a side pot of our chef’s delightful dill and crème fraiche dressing.

Garlic Bread: Taking on a rustic feel the garlic bread will follow the famous recipe base of our Bayley &Ssage pizzas. Topped with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, freshly chopped parsley, grated Grana Padano cheese and creamy butter

Hummus: A summery twist on our traditional hummus as it will be mixed with beetroot. Made up of chickpeas, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, salt, beetroot and topped with a sprig of fresh mint. This not only brings vibrant colours to the table but a whole new level of deliciousness and nutrients.

Risotto: Our chef inspired by the flairs of Spring has made a risotto with beetroot and chevre log from our deli counter. This delicate process starts with olive oil, diced onions and garlic being seared, then arborio rice is toasted and white wine is stirred in. Then slowly reduced with a vegetable stock. When the rice is almost cooked the diced beets and chevre log chunks are stirred in. Finally Grana Padano is grated and stirred into the dish adding a salty element.



Focaccia is a wonderful way to welcome the summer with its light and springy texture. Drizzled with Extra Virgin Olive Oil this Italian treat can be accompanied with an array of toppings. We will be featuring the following Focaccias: Mixed Pepper, Rosemary & Sea-Salt and Tomato & Basil. This rustic bread is excellent for sharing.



Feta in Brine: This feta is known as Epiros and is truly authentic coming from the PDO region of Epirus in Greece. Boasting rich aromas, it is surprisingly delicate on the palate, no wonder it’s won several awards. Made of pasteurised milk from both native goats and sheep to the region of Epirus, this cheese has great versatility when it comes to pairing. Suiting aperitifs, salads and even baked in several dishes and if there is any of this delicious delicacy to spare, Epiros comes in a convenient resealable container too.


Prosciutto Arrosto: Fresh meat is selected from only the finest pork thighs in Chianti, carefully deboned and rubbed with salt, rosemary and sage. It is then slow cooked in the oven resulting in a quality that draws you in from the aroma. Resulting in a delicate flavour and softness on the palate. Ideal for an antipasti board with some marinades or why not try a gourmet, posh ham sandwich?


Rosé d’Anjou: A true Loire classic made up of a blend of two grape varietals; Cabernet Franc referred to as Breton in the Loire Valley and Grolleau an indigenous grape to the region. This rosé has an enticing raspberry pink hue, with lively acidity allowing it to keep its refreshing flavours of red berries. Perfect bottle to welcome the summer with a delicious antipasti selection or a fresh fish dish.


Watermelons: This smooth dark green skinned Spanish fruit has a bright red pulp that is juicy and refreshingly sweet. Nicknamed ‘sugar babies’ these balls of fun are versatile when it comes to pairings. Delicious on their own or paired in savoury dishes. Why not try a watermelon and Epiros feta salad?

Chanterais Melon: We all know the secret behind the pistachio exterior with green ribbing is a succulent yet firm, incredibly sweet flesh. Boasting fragrant aromas and colours, we are sure taken to a tropical paradise. Why not try Chanterais melon with a cured ham, this pairs perfectly with our Rose D’Anjou.

Galia Melon: Known for its yellow, orange hue the inside of this melon has a fresh pale green succulent texture. The signature of this melon is certainly its unique spicy sweet flavour. Tasty on its own or part of a mixed fruit salad.

Asparagus: There are only a few short weeks left of this glorious season, so get it while stocks last. In the spirit of high quality, we will continue with our supply from St Johns Farm based in Norfolk, who follow the Assured Produce Certification Scheme for Asparagus growth. With such versatility, this little bit of heaven can take you from breakfast through to dinner recipes… We suggest adding a little bit of greenery to the featured risotto.

Peas: A contender for the nations favourite is at its peak, peas. With their zesty colour, natural sweetness and elevated levels of protein how could you go wrong? Why not try spicing up your canape board with mini feta, pea and chilli flake toasts.

We look forward to seeing you in store soon!

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