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Plastic Free?

Plastic Free?

Plastic free? Why we don’t have paper bags…

It is often asked why we don’t have paper bags.  Plastic free is a hot topic right now and rightly so.  Well, the simple answer is that paper bags full of lovely goodies melt in the rain! We have tried before and found that as soon as the British weather unleashes its worst, the contents of your shopping bag are also unleashed – on to the pavement…

We searched the plastic bag suppliers of Great Britain and found a bag that is beautiful, durable and also bio-degradable.  So whilst its not paper, it hopefully is the next best thing.

We have Bayley & Sage cotton bags and jute bags available in store, and happily more customers are bringing their own bags to put shopping in.

We also try to reduce packaging as much as possible, with much of our fresh produce available to buy unpackaged and free from plastic.

We now have fabulous hydro flasks to purchase in store.  These bottles keep the contents at the same temperature for hours.  Your water will remain ice cold and your coffee will stay scorching hot!  We have a water filter at our Parkgate Road store which you are welcome to re-fill your environmentally friendly bottle with.

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