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Fabulous New Pure Fruit Jam

Fabulous New Pure Fruit Jam

Stringhetto is a family company based in Province of the Verona specialized in the artisanal production of jam, chocolate and hazelnut spreads.

Its dense and creamy texture is given exclusively by the high percentage of fruit used. To thicken the product, in fact, they do not resort to pectin or other thickeners, but simply use more fruit. How much? More than 110%.

This means that to produce 1000 g. of jam, a minimum of 1100 g of fruit is used. In addition, the low temperature and in the absence of air cooking, maintains all the characteristics of fruit: flavour, colour, and content of vitamins and minerals.

Fondente/Chocolate: Dense consistency, intense taste. This dark chocolate cream is very good as is: a teaspoon full will give you every day an energy boost. Alternatively try it added to your cake mixes, in cookies and muffins. You’ll have an extra added flavour that will make a difference.

Nocciola/Hazelnut: The simple and natural ingredients and the sweet and lovable taste make this spread a children’s favourite. Very nice inside a soft sandwich or pancakes for an energy breakfast. Try it also as a topping on a tart instead of the usual jam.

Apricot/Albicocca: The creamy consistency and the full and intense taste of this jam can be best appreciated over a toasted slice or a slice of bread. To be flavoured also as a topping in a tart with shortcrust pastry base.

Cherry /Ciliegia: The cherry Tuttafrutta is ideal for your breakfast. Excellent also for cake baking: try it as a topping for a tart or for the preparation of a delicious cherry crumble.

Strawberry/Fragola: Creamy and easy to spread for an irresistible jam to be used as a filling for pancakes, cakes or a simple soft sandwich. Try it combined with fresh ricotta cheese: you will have a fresh and tasty dish.

Raspberry/Lampone: Creamy consistency and mildly bitter taste for raspberry Tuttafrutta. Wonderful for a cheesecake or as a filling for a fruit mousse.

Blueberry/Mirtillo Nero: Sweet taste and velvety consistency. The blueberry Tuttafrutta is excellent for breakfast spread on your favourite bread.

Black Currant/Ribes Nero: Blackcurrant Tuttafrutta has a very strong and aromatic flavour. Ideal for breakfast or as a filling in a cheesecake.

We hope you enjoy this fabulous new range.  Please post your photos on social media (@bayleyandsage) of your favourites and how you use them!

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