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Candoni Organic Wines

The Candoni de Zan Family’s rich wine-making history began 150 years ago. Armando, Elviana and their daughters Barbara and Caterina, have been working to produce high quality wine and continue their families’ tradition with passion and commitment to quality and environmental practices.

Candoni Organic Green Wines represent the ultimate expression of the Candoni Family’s commitment to their consumer and to the planet. Candoni Organic Green wines are 100% organic certified and VeganOK certified, that is the grapes are grown without using any chemical or pesticides and that no egg’s white or animal products have been used to produce and filter the wine. Their Organic Pinot Grigio and Organi Merlot express the pure, and complex deliciousness of organically-grown grape with rich and delicate taste and flavours. The Family’s love for their territory with its cultural heritage, is celebrated with the unique outstanding painted bottle that contains the wine. Painted with a special serigraphy, the bottles reproduce the art of the Etruscans, the ancient inhabitants and among the first wine makers in Italy.


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